Electronic Media Destroyer Crushes and Impregnates Data Storage Media and Meets Din Level E-4 of Less Than 30mm^2

WESTBORO, MA — The SEM Model 0205EMD from Security Engineered Machinery destroys SSD media containing devices to waste particles of 30mm squared or less and meets DIN 66399 Standard E-4. Destruction is accomplished through patent pending destruction shafts with pyramidal shaped elements where media is passed through to ensure complete media destruction.

Electronic media as well as the data carrying SSD’s are crushed between two rotating shafts and fall into a collection container for simplified, hand free collection of waste material. The SEM 0205EMD produces end waste that meets DIN standard E-3 when destroying only the SSD board and DIN standard E-4 when destroying the entire systems including SSD drives, phones and tablets with the boards included. As stated by Nickolas Cakounes, SEM’s SVP and General Manager, “The 0205EMD is the culmination of years of engineering and custom manufacturing incorporating our experience and feedback from customers seeking simple but effective sanitization of their SSD’s.”

The Model 0205EMD is designed as a compact, self-contained destruction system with all components housed within a custom cabinet for maximum sound, odor and dust control. The unit may be plugged into a standard 110v outlet with a 20amp plug. The touch screen operator interface allows easy viewing and control of all machine functions. The Model 0205EMD features an interlocked feeding system that ensures proper metering of media through the system reducing potential jams. Mr. Cakounes also stated,” The 0205EMD is specifically engineered to destroy electronic media as opposed to other competitor units that are merely modified paper shredders.” The Model 0205EMD destruction capacity is dependent on the media being destroyed.

Security Engineered Machinery, SEM, is an innovative designer and manufacturer of data-destruction equipment located in Westboro, Massachusetts. SEM supplies mission critical EOL equipment to the US Federal Government including the DoD and other intelligence agencies, as well as large multinational datacenter operators. SEM’s engineering staff is available to assist customers with special products and systems that will sanitize any media / material down to stakeholder required sanitization levels such as high volume central destruction systems used by nationally recognized commercial banks and healthcare organizations. Areas of expertise include the destruction of hard drives and other mixed media and heavy-duty, high-capacity shredders for recycling applications.

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