Electronic Locker System provides centralized monitoring.

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Leveraging TZ Limited's Smart Device technology, Intelligent Locker Solution assigns dynamic login credentials to individual personal use lockers, so permanent and guest users can be granted controlled access when they need it, and locker can be reassigned to new user once vacated. When package is received, it is immediately stowed in locker and its intended recipient is automatically alerted via email or text message, providing locker's location and login credentials.

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Ricoh Delivers Flexibility, Efficiency to Storage and Package Management

New solution empowers organizations to get the most out of their space, providing security and centralized monitoring and management; busy mail centers will gain productivity and improve customer service with an enhanced package delivery system

MALVERN, Pa.,  -- Ricoh USA, Inc.  today announced the release of its Intelligent Locker Solution, an offering ideal for both modern office environments transitioning to a hoteling model and mail centers that handle high package volumes, such as those in institutions of higher education. "Doing more with less" is a key tenet of the new world of work, where efficiency and flexibility can drive employee engagement and productivity. The Ricoh Intelligent Locker Solution leverages TZ Limited's state-of-the-art Smart Device technology to allow more users to realize greater functionality and flexibility out of less space.

As mobile and remote workforces grow increasingly common, so, too, does the practice of "hoteling," where employees may only work in the office part time, often without an assigned workspace. While this arrangement has yielded positive results in many offices, the elimination of assigned desks can make the issue of daytime personal storage a concern. Many organizations address this with traditional lockers, assigning combinations or keys to employees. This arrangement often requires a one-to-one ratio of employees to lockers, a solution which can be costly, takes up space that could be more effectively used otherwise and is easily stymied by a lost key or forgotten combination. The Ricoh Intelligent Locker Solution assigns dynamic login credentials to individual "personal use lockers," so permanent and guest users can be granted controlled access to the locker they need when they need it, and the locker can then be reassigned to a new user once vacated. The Ricoh Intelligent Locker Solution allows for organizations to control and manage a just-in-time space requirement. This helps yield significant space savings, while offering the security and granular administration provided by cloud-based centralized monitoring and management.

At the same time, with the increasing growth of e-commerce, mail centers across the country have seen a dramatic increase in package volume, with the United States Postal Service reporting a 36 percent increase since 2008, a change perhaps most evident at colleges and universities. With the Ricoh Intelligent Locker Solution, mail centers can significantly reduce wait times through a streamlined package pickup process. This approach also significantly increases package pickup time, cutting down on storage space requirements and enabling mail centers to operate in a smaller real estate footprint. When a package is received, it is immediately stowed in the locker and its intended recipient is automatically alerted via email or text message that their package is ready for pickup, providing the locker's location and login credentials. The package recipient keys in their credentials at the locker kiosk and retrieves their package. The Ricoh Intelligent Locker Solution offers back-end integration for end-to-end automation, as well as design options to cater for a range of security, workflow and optimization requirements.

"As technology continues to reshape the way we work, it's up to strategically minded organizations to constantly reassess not only how they do business, but also the space they do it in," said John Brophy, Vice President, Product Marketing, Ricoh USA, Inc. "Our Intelligent Locker Solution grants flexibility to workspaces adapting to the new world of work. Whether accommodating hoteling employees or serving increased demand for packages, this solution will help organizations streamline operations and the way they use their workspace."

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