Electronic Lock provides audit trail for parking meters.

Press Release Summary:

Installed in existing hardware without any need for hardwiring, CyberLock® replaces mechanical lock cylinder in parking meter with electronic cylinder that contains microprocessor and memory. System consists of CyberLock cylinder, which cannot be compromised by picking or bumping, and CyberKey, which cannot be duplicated. Access privileges and battery power are located in key, but both key and lock store usage records to create audit report of events.

Original Press Release:

Cyberlock® Brings Secure Access and an Audit Trail to Parking Meters!

CORVALLIS, OREGON, - CyberLock® brings secure access and an audit trail to parking meters simply by replacing the meter's existing mechanical lock cylinder with a CyberLock electronic cylinder. Each CyberLock cylinder contains a microprocessor and memory and is designed to the exact dimensional standards of the mechanical cylinder it is replacing. The system consists of the CyberLock cylinder that cannot be compromised by picking or bumping, and the CyberKey that cannot be duplicated.

The CyberLock family includes intelligent padlocks and a full line of electronic cylinders that install in parking meters, transit fare boxes, money changers, and door lock hardware without any need for hardwiring. Access privileges and battery power are located in the key. Each key contains permissions on what locks the key can open, with a schedule of days and times it will open those locks. Each time the key opens a lock, a record is stored in both the key and the lock cylinder, creating a comprehensive audit report of events. When the protection of cash is the primary consideration, it is this audit reporting that makes the CyberLock so powerful.

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