Electronic Lock Cylinder controls door access.

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CyberLock(R) switch lock transforms standard mechanical lock into full-functioning access control system. It allows user to restrict access to specific days and specific times, makes record each time someone gains entry and each time entry is denied, and provides precise report of who, what, when, and where for management review. It consists of electronic lock cylinder and electronic key, each containing microprocessor and memory.

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Videx Announces the CyberLock(R) Switch Lock

The Power of an Access Control System in a Switch Lock Cylinder

Videx announces the CyberLock(R) switch lock as the latest addition to its family of electronic lock cylinders. The unique design of all CyberLock cylinders allows you to transform a standard mechanical lock into a full-functioning access control system. With CyberLocks you can restrict access for authorized users to specific days and for specific times during those days. In addition, a record is made each time someone gains entry and each time entry is denied, providing a precise record of who, what, when, and where for management review.

The new CyberLock switch lock is used in applications where access to electrical systems or equipment needs to be monitored and restricted.

The on/off version of the CyberLock switch lock operates with two home positions. One home position can be set for on and the other home position, located at 90 degrees clockwise rotation, can be set for off. At either of the home positions, the key can be inserted and removed. This version of the switch lock is ideal for control panels, access to electronic security systems, and elevators.

The momentary version of the CyberLock switch lock has one home position for key insertion and removal. By rotating the key clockwise 90 degrees, the switch is in an on position. The cylinder is spring-loaded and pressure is applied to return the key back to the home position. This version of the switch lock is ideal as a start switch for machinery or equipment.

The CyberLock system offers benefits that are significant! The system consists of an electronic lock cylinder and electronic key, each containing a microprocessor and memory. Each key is unique and cannot be duplicated, and, since the lock cylinder does not have a traditional keyway, the lock is pick proof. When an authorized user gains entry, a record of the user ID, date, and time is stored in both the key and the cylinder, creating a key history and a lock history. The CyberLock cylinder holds the last 1100 events, while the CyberKey holds the last 1150 events. The CyberKey can be programmed with a list of locks the key is authorized to open, and the dates and times when these openings are permitted.

Since there is no battery in these cylinders, and no wires to install, CyberLock can go virtually anywhere. For exterior and interior doorways, Videx has created CyberLock cylinders for mortise, knob set, dead-bolt and lever set locks. For cabinets and containers, Videx has CyberLock cylinders for padlocks, cam locks, and vending machine T-handle locks. Each cylinder is designed to the exact dimensions of the mechanical lock cylinder that it is replacing, which allows the electronic CyberLock cylinders to be installed in standard lock hardware in minutes.

CyberLock applications are diverse. CyberLock cylinders can be found in padlocks securing freight in trucks, gated areas at airports, and equipment in outdoor pumping stations. CyberLock cam locks can be found securing access to network servers, cash drawers, and medicine cabinets at hospitals. CyberLock cylinders for door locks are found securing interior and exterior doors throughout colleges, business complexes, and retirement centers.

For more information about the CyberLock products, contact Videx by phone at (541) 758-0521, by fax at (541) 752-5285, by email at sales@videx.com, or visit the web site at www.videx.com.

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