Electronic Loads simulate wide range of LED types.

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Intended for LED lighting power supply development and test applications, 41D and 42D LED Loads support 300 W each and are capable of handling voltages to 500 Vdc. Up to 4 loads can be installed in 44M04 modular load chassis. Dual channel 42D5006 load module can simulate 2 LED strings for total of 8 strings per chassis. With PWM control interface, LED dimming features can be controlled and tested. LED parameters can be programmed to simulate variety of LED substrate materials.

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Adaptive Power Systems Introduces New Programmable LED Loads

New LED loads simulate wide range of LED types.

Irvine, CA, – Adaptive Power Systems Inc. (APS) is releasing four new electronic LED loads for LED lighting power supply development and test applications. These new LED loads replace prior generation versions with enhanced features and support for higher current and power levels.

All new 41D and 42D LED loads support 300W each and up to four loads can be installed in the 44M04 modular load chassis. The dual channel 42D5006 load module can simulate two LED strings for a total of eight strings per chassis. These LED loads are capable of handling voltages to 500Vdc to support high lumen output long LED string requirements. To support multiple parallel LED light string configurations, currents of 24A/channel can be supported as well.

These new LED loads have multiple voltage and current ranges for optional accuracy and resolution of both voltage and current over a wide operating range. LED parameters such as Vo, Vd, Rd and the number of series LEDs per strings can all be set programmatically to simulate a wide variety of LED substrate materials. Another unique feature of the Adaptive Power Systems LED loads is the pulse width modulation (PWM) control interface that allows LED dimming features to be controlled and tested by the load. Many newer LED drivers support dimming and these new loads are ideally suited to support development and test of such capabilities.

Using a common user interface with large, easy to read LED back-lit displays and digital encoder data entry, the APS loads offer intuitive front panel operation on the lab bench or on the production floor. For automated production test, several control interfaces like GPIB or LAN are offered.

According to Mike Knapp, sales manager for Adaptive Power Systems, Inc.: “These new LED loads are a great addition to our existing AC Source and DC Power supply product lines. With the addition of these four new models, we now offer the broadest selection of LED lighting loads for our customers.”

For additional information, contact Adaptive Power Systems (info@adaptivepower.com) or call toll-free +1-886-517-8400 (US) or +1 (949) 752-8400 for more information. Product information is available at www.adaptivepower.com .


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Adaptive Power Systems, Inc. (APS) has been providing innovative, dependable and affordable solutions for power test and measurement for over ten years. APS serves a wide variety of industries including Military & Defense, Industrial Products, Consumer Goods, Power Utilities, Alternative Energy, and Automotive & Transportation. Our customers include leading manufacturers around the world. Our focus is providing comprehensive power test solutions with the features and capabilities demanded by the many customers and industries we serve. Products lines include solid state AC Frequency changers, AC Sources, DC power supplies and Loads. Headquartered in Irvine, California, where it maintains its primary engineering and manufacturing facilities, Adaptive Power also operates customer service and support centers in Asia, Europe and other parts of the United States.

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