Electronic Expansion Valve suits large AC/R units.

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Featuring modular body/motor cartridge, glass inspection window, and bi-directional expansion capacity, E4V lends to control as well as energy efficiency in AC/R units with medium to large capacity (250 kW max). Operator can disassemble valve to inspect it during assembly in line as well as in maintenance and control phase, isolating circuit upstream and downstream from body. Glass window lets users check operation of expansion device and presence of turbulence in refrigerant.

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A New Electronic Expansion Valve for Large AC/R Units

E4V has been added to our range of electronic expansion valves. It is designed for units with medium-large capacity, in which the EEV (Electronic Expansion Valve) solution has become a standard product.

With the well-known small valve, E2V, launched at IKK in 2003, the range now covers capacities from about 1 kW to 250 kW. Its advanced design allows a wide range of modulation. The innovation of this new valve also takes shape in two new solutions: modularity of the body/motor cartridge and the inspection window. These solutions, brought about to help installation and maintenance, offer evident advantages during assembly in line and in the maintenance and control phase as the operator is able to disassemble the valve to inspect it, isolating the circuit upstream and downstream from the body. The glass window, positioned in the valve, can be used to check the operation of the expansion device and the presence of turbulence in the refrigerant.

Making use of state-of-the-art technology in the production phase, widely tested with the E2V version, this valve also has bi-directional expansion capacity which allows simplifications of the circuit layout in reversible heat pumps and reduces installation costs. Thanks to its technical and functional features, the E4V, combined with the CAREL driver, allows efficient control of the AC/R unit and consistent energy savings. Recent mearurements on real applications, both in air conditioning and refrigeration have revealed a reduction of average yearly electricity consumption of up to 20%, with peaks of 30%.

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