Electronic Ballasts offer multi-voltage capabilities.

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Designed to run at 120 or 277 V, 4-lamp UltraMax(TM) 4-H Ballasts feature high ballast factor of 1.15 and are suited for offices, retail, schools, hospitality, and industrial applications. Multi-Voltage Control enables ballasts to read incoming voltage and adapt automatically to any voltage from 108-305 V, while Anti-Striation Control minimizes barber pole effect lines, even when exposed to cold temperatures. Available for T8 applications, ballasts come in 2, 3, 4, and 8 ft lengths.

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GE Ultramax(TM) 4-H Electronic Ballast First to Combine High Light Output, Efficiency and Multi-Voltage Capabilities

CLEVELAND - The GE UltraMax(TM) 4-H Electronic Ballast is the first four-lamp, high-light-output ballast to combine multi-voltage capabilities with exemplary energy efficiency and a high ballast factor of 1.15. Targeted applications for the new GE ballast include offices, retail, schools, hospitality and industrial.

This new GE UltraMax 4-H saves big on energy costs - over 40 percent versus standard T12 ballast systems. And with the new, high-bay applications of fluorescent lighting in place of HID, the GE UltraMax 4-H delivers needed light output along with maximum energy savings.

Advanced features enable the GE UltraMax 4-H - one of the newest additions to the breakthrough GE UltraMax ballast lineup - to run at either 120V or 277V, saving more energy than conventional electronic ballasts while delivering high light output for four-lamp or two-lamp tandem wiring applications.

Multi Voltage Control enables GE UltraMax ballasts to virtually "read" the incoming voltage and adapt automatically to any voltage from 108V to 305V, delivering benefits for distributors, contractors and end users:

o Eliminates inventory hassles with fewer ballast models handling more jobs.

o Simplifies installation and eliminates guesswork at the job site.

o Compensates for incoming voltage fluctuations or variations from unreliable power.

"Fluorescent systems using the GE UltraMax 4-H Electronic Ballast are energy efficient and adaptable," says Scott Brandonisio, ballast product manager for GE Consumer & Industrial - Lighting. "Energy efficient systems provide an excellent return on investment for every type of end-user, including property management firms, retail chains, school systems, hotels, plants and warehouses."

The GE UltraMax ballast line is the first with Anti-Striation Control, which significantly reduces or eliminates common 'barber pole effect' lines - even when exposed to cold temperatures.

GE UltraMax ballasts are the first full line of electronic ballasts to earn the Underwriters Laboratories Inc.'s (UL) Type CC Rating for a feature called Arc-Guard, which eliminates the damaging effects arcing can have on lamps, ballasts and sockets.

The family of GE UltraMax multi-voltage ballasts is available for all T8 applications. GE UltraMax ballasts for 2-, 3-, 4- and 8-foot T8 lamps are available in three ballast factors: low watt, normal light output and the new high light output.

UltraMax(TM) is a trademark of General Electric Company.

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