Electronic Ballast operates at 347-480 V, 50/60 Hz.

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Centium® HCN-2S54-90C can operate one or two F54T5/HO lamps; one or two 55, 50, or 36/39 W Long Twin Tube lamps; or one or two 55 W Circline lamps. It features IntelliVolt-Hi technology, Programmed Rapid Start lamp ignition, and end-of-life protection circuitry. Auto-restrike eliminates need to reset power mains after replacing failed lamps. Ballast includes 20 ft remote-mounting capability, 0°F cold starting capability, and 90°C case temperature rating.

Original Press Release:

New Advance Centium® Ballast for T5/HO Fluorescent Lamps Features Intellivolt-HI(TM) 347-480V Input Voltage

Advance Transformer Co., Rosemont, Illinois, has announced the introduction of a new T5/HO Centium® electronic ballast featuring IntelliVolt-Hi technology for operation at 347-480V, 50/60Hz. The ballast is designed to operate one or two F54T5/HO lamps. The ballast will also operate one or two 55-watt, 50-watt, or 36/39-watt Long Twin Tube lamps, and one or two 55-watt Circline lamps.

Since the new ballast, catalog number HCN-2S54-90C, can operate at any input voltage from 347 to 480V, 50/60Hz, it is highly suitable for industrial applications that utilize a 480V AC system, eliminating the need to rewire to another mains voltage. A 90° C case temperature rating is also featured, making the ballast ideal for use in high-temperature ambients.

The ballast's IntelliVolt-Hi feature, combined with its ability to operate either one or two lamps, provides significant cost savings to both OEMs and distributors by reducing the number of SKUs required in inventory.

The HCN-2S54-90C ballast incorporates a lightweight, low-profile design with a 1" can height, providing maximum fixture design flexibility and facilitating installation and handling. Installation is also simplified by the ballast's color-coded, poke-in connectors, which help ensure wiring accuracy and reduce fixture assembly and ballast installation time.
To assure optimum lamp life in frequent switching applications, the HCN-2S54-90C is designed with Programmed Rapid Start lamp ignition. The ballast's design also includes lamp end-of-life (EOL) protection circuitry, which enhances safety by removing power from the lamp as it reaches end of life, preventing lamp overheating.

Other features include 20-foot remote-mounting capability for maximum application flexibility, Centium ballast technology for low THD and optimal power quality, and 0° F cold starting capability for cold temperature applications. Also included are an auto-restrike feature, which eliminates the need to reset power mains after replacing failed lamps, and operation between 40kHz and 54kHz to prevent interference with infrared control systems and commonly used Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems.

The Advance Centium HCN-2S54-90C ballast provides quiet, flicker-free operation, with the same ballast factor and consistent lamp light output levels for either one-lamp or two-lamp operation. It carries a 5-year warranty if operated at a maximum case temperature of 70° C, and a 3-year warranty if operated at a maximum case temperature of 90° C.

New 90°C Rated IntelliVolt® (120-277V) Ballast

Advance is also introducing a 90° C rated IntelliVolt® (120-277V, 50/60Hz) ballast for the operation of one or two F54T5/HO lamps. This ballast, catalog number ICN-2S54-90C, is similar in performance to the existing Advance model, the ICN-2S54. The primary difference is the high temperature rating. The ICN-2S54-90C is ideal for high temperature ambients such as cove lighting and industrial applications. The warranty for this new model
is identical to that of the HCN-2S54-90C. Advance will continue to offer the ICN-2S54.

Advance Transformer Co., a leading ballast manufacturer based in Rosemont, Illinois, designs, produces and sells a full line of magnetic and electronic ballasts for both fluorescent and HID lamps. For more information on Advance's complete product line, visit Advance's web site at www.advancetransformer.com or call Advance at (847) 390-5000. Advance is a division of Philips Electronics North America Corporation.

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