Electronic Ballast offer continuous dimming and 95% efficiency.

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SuperBallast(TM) is designed for high- or low-bay HID lighting applications. Fast-Start(TM) feature provides quick ramp-up time and lamp-preserving startup. Ballast delivers full light output in less than 75 seconds. Continuous dimming capability allows infinitely variable dimming down to 35% of power. Lamps can be dimmed using standard 0-10 V feedback from control devices. Flicker-free SuperBallast self-compensates for line voltage fluctuations from 190 to 304 V.

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Industry's First High-Wattage Electronic Ballast for HID Lighting Provides Maximum Lumens Per Watt, Maximum Energy Efficiency

Silent-running SuperBallast(TM) features continuous dimming, quick startup, and 95%-efficient operation, plus longer lamp life versus magnetic ballasts

September 2002 - The patented electronic SuperBallast(TM) from Delta Power Supply "lights the way" to reduced energy and maintenance costs for myriad high- or low-bay HID lighting applications. Ideal for metal halide lamps used in retail stores, industrial plants, gymnasiums, auditoriums, parking garages and airports, the 95%-efficient SuperBallast provides exceptional lamp life and greatly reduced lumen depreciation for 150-450W HID lighting systems. The SuperBallast delivers the highest lumens-per-watt of any HID system and offers dimming to 35% of power for exceptional energy savings, without degrading lamp life. The high-frequency electronic SuperBallast is backed by five patents and additional patents pending, and offers the highest lumens per system of any HID ballast in the industry.

"As a rule of thumb, the SuperBallast, when compared to a conventional magnetic system with M59 lamps, allows a plant to use 20% fewer fixtures to maintain identical light levels - even while using lower-wattage lamps, typically 350W versus 400W," says Rodney Thiemann, DPS president. "Depending on the application, SuperBallast provides payback in a few months to less than three years, thanks to the superior energy savings over magnetic-ballast systems."

The SuperBallast's patented Fast-Start(TM) feature provides quicker ramp-up time and lamp-preserving startup to maximize lamp life. Fast-Start's high-frequency startup method uses lower starting current than conventional magnetic ballasts, eliminating the high-voltage energy input which drastically reduces lamp life. The SuperBallast delivers full-light output in less than 75 seconds, while magnetic ballasts can take up to two minutes to achieve full light. Patented fast startup mode allows damage-free starts and quicker restrike times.

A patented continuous dimming capability allows infinitely variable dimming down to 35% of power with lamp-life-preserving effects. Lamps can be dimmed using standard 0-10V feedback from control devices such as occupancy sensors, ambient light sensors or manual rotary dimmers. Low-voltage dimming capability maximizes energy savings and provides increased flexibility and control over the lighting system. "Daylight harvesting" capability takes advantage of skylights and windows, using ambient light sensors to dim lights proportionally during times of high-daylight conditions. Occupancy sensors are ideal for limited-use areas such as storage aisles, as well as unoccupied areas of industrial plants and warehouses. Dimming can be nearly instantaneous or progressive so that the change in light level goes unnoticed.

Conventional magnetic ballasts use a switched-capacitor dimming technique, which provides only one dimming step of 50% of light output and damages the lamp's electrode, leading to lumen and life depreciation. Lamp manufacturers have approved the electronic SuperBallast, with its continuous dimming feature down to 35% of power, for a standard lamp warranty.

The flicker-free SuperBallast self-compensates for line voltage fluctuations from 190 to 304V to maintain lumen output and color quality. While accepted voltage variation per ANSI M59 is ±15% (meaning a 400W ballast can power a lamp from 340 to 470W), the SuperBallast restricts power variation seen by the lamp to no more than 0.5%. This allows accurate color rendering over the life of the lamp, as well as more consistent light from lamp to lamp.

The SuperBallast eliminates the incessant buzzing inherent with magnetic ballasts, silently operating at sound rating "A," making it ideal for retail locations, libraries, health care and similar facilities.

Delta Power Supply is the world's leading developer of electronic ballasts for 150-450W HID lighting systems. The company has five patents and additional patents pending on electronic ballast technology, and was the first to install an HID lighting system using high-wattage electronic ballast technology. Delta Power Supply has thousands of electronic ballasts currently in operation in the field and many millions in-field operating hours.

For more information, contact Rodney Thiemann; Delta Power Supply, Inc.; 11405 Grooms Rd.; Cincinnati, OH; 45242. Email: rthiemann@delta-power-supply.com. Internet: www.delta-power-supply.com.

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