Electromechanical Actuators come in various styles, sizes.

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Offered in hollow shaft designs, FHA series miniature AC servo rotary actuators exhibit zero backlash and are optimized for accuracy, response time, and vacuum compatibility. Super-mini, high-powered RH series DC servo rotary actuators provide precision motion control and high torque capacity. Tach-generator and/or encoder are directly mounted onto motor shaft. Also available, LA Series compact linear actuators feature max thrust of 49 N and 0.0174 µm resolution.

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Precision Gearing & Motion Control Rotary Actuators

The World's Largest Manufacturer of Harmonic Drive Gearing allows Harmonic Drive, LLC. to offer the machine and motion control design engineer the widest choice of harmonic drive gearing products. A complete line and range of rotary actuators are available for AC and DC applications. FHA series includes miniature AC servo rotary actuators , DC servo RH series has a supermini style available. These electromechanical actuators have many superior performance features including zero backlash, high accuracy, fast response time, high vacuum compatibility, and are available in a wide range of sizes, and hollow shaft designs. These servo actuators are easy to use and offer quick implementation. They are compatible with most industry-standard controllers and amplifiers. Harmonic Drive gearing and rare earth DC servo motors are now offering unique features unsurpassed by conventionally geared drives.

Opening new possibilities the super-mini, high-powered RH series DC servo rotary actuators were developed in order to control machinery and equipment smoothly, speedily & accurately. Used in highly demanding industrial servo systems, they provide precision motion control and high torque capacity in very compact packages. The tach-generator and/or encoder are directly mounted onto the motor shaft. Since the Harmonic Drive gearing has zero backlash, high servo gains may be used, providing a very stiff, yet stable servo system. The Harmonic Drive gear is lubricated with a specialty developed grease to ensure minimum maintenance requirements and long service life. Engineered applications for: semiconductor manufacturing systems, FPD manufacturing systems, electronic component insertion machines, and measurement of analytical and test systems.

Harmonic Drive also offers rotary actuators, mini-actuators, electromechanical actuators, planetary gears, gear boxes, harmonic gear drives and linear motion components. Featuring LA Series compact linear actuators, having high-resolution and high-thrust. This series have realized maximum thrust of force 49N, 0.0174 micrometers of resolution, and high precision. Harmonic Drive LLC is able to design custom actuators to suit our customers' unique requirements. Our facilities have design, manufacturing, and test capabilities to ensure our products meet the highest quality standards.

Multiple manufacturing facilities in the United States, Japan and Germany maintain the high-quality, precision and reliability standards required by the industry. Application engineers are available for technical consultation and customer service. Fully equipped facilities provide integration of components as well as prototype assembly. Contact us at; Harmonic Drive LLC, Tel: 978-532-1800, Fax: 978-532-9406, visit our website at www.harmonicdrive.net or email us at - info@harmonicdrive.net.

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