Electromagnets Made In USA Certification

Rockaway NJ; APW Company is proud to announce our certification with the "Made in USA" Brand and having certified our products and having joined the "Pledge for USA". APW has long been a USA manufacturer of custom and standard electromagnets and custom coil winding. Having opened our doors in 1944 APW has continued the tradition of Made in the USA manufacturing for 68 years.

Despite the difficulties facing manufacturers in the USA APW has endured and is seeing good growth in an environment now seemingly re-aligning itself with the principals that established the USA as the world's economic leader. At APW we believe that "manufacturing" and manufacturing in the USA is the key to America's road to recovery.

Having manufactured our custom coils and electromagnets and other products in the USA for 68 years with materials and components that are fabricated locally with the predominant portion of materials being manufactured right here in the USA APW was thrilled to find the "Made in USA" www.madeintheusabrand.com initiative online that provided our electromagnets and custom coils with a certification mark that truly identifies our products with our business philosophies.

At APW we have taken the pledge and have lived by it for 68 years; "I pledge to buy American made products and to look for labels and tags that proudly state: Made in USA. I make this pledge because I believe in strengthening American workers, American companies and the American economy."

When you purchase electromagnets and custom coils and our other products from APW Company, you are purchasing knowing that you are supporting American workers and the American economy.

Read more: www.madeintheusabrand.com

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