Electromagnetic Brake delivers 4.5 lb-in. torque.

Press Release Summary:

Supplied standard with 24 V coil, Model MCB5 is capable of speeds of 3,600 rpm. Brake uses zero backlash spring armature so there is no rattle noise when brake is disengaged. Bore on hub/armature comes standard with keyway and 2 set screws. Small, lightweight brake is RoHS-compliant and suited for both industrial and automotive applications.

Original Press Release:

New Ogura Smaller Size Low Cost Brake

Ogura has produced a new model of an electromagnetic brake. The new model is called MCB5. The new brake delivers the same amount of torque 4.5 in. lb. as the previous AMB5 but does so at a 20% smaller diameter and a 24% smaller overall width. The new brake comes standard with a 24 volt coil but other coil voltages are available. Standard speed capability is 3600 RPM but higher speeds are possible. The brake uses a zero back lash spring armature so there is no rattle noise when the brake is disengaged. The bore in the hub/armature comes standard with a key way and 2 set screws. The small light weight brake is RoHS compliant and is ideally suited for both industrial and automotive requirements.

These clutches are only a small part of over 3,000 different clutch models that Ogura has available. If this clutch does not meet your needs please contact us at 732-271-7361 and we will assist you in finding one that does or if you prefer please visit us on our website at www.ogura-clutch.com for immediate information. Ogura Industrial Corporation, Somerset, NJ.

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