Electrolysis-Based Heat Source offers safe, reliable operation.

Press Release Summary:

By making hydrogen and oxygen via electrolysis of distilled water, Aquaflame 800 produces controllable and efficient heat source. Sole byproduct is water, and unit works without gas cylinder storage. Addition of deionized water, potassium hydroxide crystals, and MEK is occasionally required, and optional battery-operated torch lighter is available. Uses include acrylic flame polishing, micro-precision welding, soldering circuit boards, medical instruments, and dental/optical repair.

Original Press Release:

The Aquaflame 800. A Reliable, Safe-Operating Solution

The Aquaflame 800 makes hydrogen and oxygen by the electrolysis of distilled water, producing a high-energy heat source that is controllable and efficient. The only by-product is water, making it truly efficient and environmentally safe.

Since it works without gas cylinder storage, only the addition of deionized water, affordable Potassium Hydroxide crystals and Methyl-Ethyl-Ketone (MEK) from time to time is required. An optional battery operated torch lighter is available for safe and convenient torch lighting.

The Aquaflame 800 is perfect for: Acrylic Flame Polishing, Micro-precision welding, Soldering circuit boards, Medical instruments, Jewelry repair, Dental repair, Optical repair

The fractional cost of these chemicals compared to gas and cylinder storage will mean long-term cost savings. For a video visit www.abbeon.com (search Aquaflame).

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