Electrolube WBPs a Success for ViTechology

Leading electro-chemicals manufacturer Electrolube is delighted to announce the successful test results of its sprayable water based conformal coating, WPBs, by ViTechnology. Electrolube provided the French Nordson agent with the high performance conformal coating for testing on its Selective Coating Equipment, highly reputed within the electronics industry for speed and process control in conformal coating applications.

The first stage of testing took place using an Asymtek C740 system, SC204 applicator and 120074 nozzle. During the tests, Electrolube's WBPs coating showed significantly positive results; the strip edges were regular and straight in comparison to results from alternative coatings that had displayed jagged lines and bubbles at 20ºC. ViTechnology conducted further board tests to check the settings and test with solder resist.

ViTechnology's Applications and Support Manager, Cedric Coquantif, comments, "We are extremely pleased with the test results of the water-based coating from Electrolube. WBPs showed good repeatability over both boards, minimal bubbles and a fast cure time."

The overall conclusion stated that Electrolube's WBPs was very easy to use due to its water based formulation. As an environmentally friendly coating, WBPs also eliminated the hazards associated with solvent based conformal coatings. In addition, WBPs did not require additional thinning due to its specific formulation.

The WBPs aqueous conformal coating is non-flammable and contains low levels of VOCs. WBPs is free of isocyanates and can be soldered through without fear of highly toxic gases being produced. It is also phenol-free and therefore non-corrosive to Cadmium and Zinc plate.

For ease of inspection, WBPs Fluoresces under UV light and offers excellent dielectric properties and resistance to mould growth. Available in two formulations, WBP is the standard product for dipping and brushing and WBPs (sprayable) has been formulated for use in selective film coating equipment. Meeting the requirements of DEF-STAN, MIL and UL, Electrolube's formulation and application of conformal coatings are designed to meet international approvals including European and American military specifications.

For further information please visit www.electrolube.com. For Marketing and Commercial questions at ViTechnology, please contact Mrs Nathalie Boumendil, Communications Manager, on +33 (0)4 93 95 18 11 or email nboumendil@vitechnology.com.

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Editors Note:

Electrolube, a division of H K Wentworth Limited, is a leading manufacturer of electro-chemicals for electronics, automotive and industrial manufacturing. Additionally, Electrolube manufactures and supplies specialist lubricants to the automotive, industrial and domestic switch manufacturing sector. Research and development, quality and environmental concerns are fundamental to the Electrolube philosophy of providing the highest level of customer service. This is achieved both direct to manufacturers and via a world-wide network of subsidiaries and distributors.

Electrolube's products are specified and widely used for the manufacture and maintenance of electrical and electronic components and assemblies in a wide range of market segments from automotive, military, industrial and consumer electronics to aerospace, marine, telecoms and medical. The continued global expansion of Electrolube and its innovative range of environmentally friendly products proves that the total capability and dedication to customer care combine to create a winning formula.

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