Electro-Optical Encoders enable high-reliability trackballs.

Press Release Summary:

Electro-Optical Encoders feature redundant photo-detector and light path to monitor encoder LED light output. Light-intensity feedback is then used by circuit to ensure maximum performance and life of quadrature output. Encoders allow for high encoder wheel resolution as well as durability.

Original Press Release:

Newly Redesigned Encoders Make CTI Trackballs Unbeatable

Each high-reliability trackball from CTI Electronics utilizes newly redesigned electro-optical encoders, patent pending. Additionally, these new electro-optical encoders feature a redundant photo-detector and light path to monitor the encoder LED light output. A novel circuit uses this light-intensity feedback signal to ensure that the quadrature output withstands the test of time - without compromising performance. Not only do our trackballs offer very high encoder wheel resolution, they also provide long-term reliability and durability.

In that CTI is building its own optical encoder, as opposed to purchasing a photo-detector sensor, customers can be assured of not only lasting reliability, but also long-term availability. This is especially important in products that require regulatory approvals, have long-term market requirements, or would be costly to redesign should an off-the-shelf photo-detector become obsolete.

Our strategy is to produce all of the key sensors used in our products, allowing CTI to regulate quality, reliability and long-term availability.

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