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Electrically Conductive Film is suited for medical devices.

Press Release Summary:

ARcare® 95000 is 4.0 mil, non-tacky, self supported, electrically conductive polymer film with low Z-axis resistance. Film can be coated with various pressure-sensitive adhesive technologies, coatings, or conductive inks to enhance functionality for specific applications. Also, formulation may be customized to alter properties including: conductivity, thickness (0.5-5 mils), flexibility, elasticity, elongation, and resistance to meet the specific application needs.

Original Press Release:

Adhesives Research Develops Rigid, Electrically Conductive Film for Stable Z-Axis Conductivity.

GLEN ROCK, Pa. (September 16, 2008) - Adhesives Research, a leading developer and manufacturer of custom pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, specialty coatings, films and laminates, has developed a new electrically conductive film - ARcare® 95000 for use in medical devices that require low resistance and highly reliable Z -axis conductivity.

ARcare® 95000 is a 4.0 mil (0.10 mm), non-tacky, self supported, electrically conductive polymer film with low Z-axis resistance, a feature that is critical for accurate readings in sensitive medical biosensor and device applications. This product utilizes the company's electrically conductive technology that offers extremely reliable and stable conductive performance. The film's high tensile strength and low elongation characteristics enable efficient manufacturing and conversion processes.

Medical device applications where ARcare® 95000 can be used include: biosensors, defibrillators, medical monitoring devices, electrodes and electrical interconnections.

Adhesive Research offers capabilities for coating ARcare® 95000 with a number of pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) technologies, coatings or conductive inks, such as silver/silver chloride, to enhance the film's functionality for specific applications. Additionally, the film's formulation may be customized to alter a number of properties including: conductivity, thickness (0.5 mils to 5 mils), flexibility, elasticity, elongation and resistance to meet the specific application needs of customers.

Founded in 1961, Adhesives Research offers problem-solving capabilities and custom solutions in adhesive polymerization, mixing, adhesive coating and release liner design supported by extensive product development and analytical support. The company's North American and Limerick, Ireland, facilities are certified to the updated ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Adhesives Research's pressure-sensitive adhesives are used around the world in electronics, displays, wireless telecommunications, window fabrication, and the pulp and paper industry, as well as in medical diagnostics and devices, wound care, and pharmaceuticals/transdermals. Based in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania, Adhesives Research also operates manufacturing facilities in Ireland and Colombia, has sales and marketing offices in Germany, Great Britain and Singapore, a representative office in Shanghai, China, and sales representation in Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

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