Electrical Tape Feeders handle ultra small components.

Press Release Summary:

Compatible with Super High-speed Mounter FX-3 as well as High-speed Flexible Mounter KE-3020, motor-driven Electrical Tape Feeders suppress vibration, enabling part positions to be stabilized for smooth, rapid supply of tiny parts. Feedback of component centering variance enables feeders to automatically adjust and control pick position for stable simultaneous pick. LED display shows feeder positions when running machine, and by using appropriate buttons, users can change feed pitch.

Original Press Release:

The Next Generation JUKI Feeder is About to Hit the Market

With electrical feeders from JUKI you have the possibility to put more feeders on the same machine space as well as brining in some new features. These feeders are compatible with the Super High-speed Mounter FX-3 as well as the new High-speed Flexible Mounter KE-3020.

On the FX-3 and KE-3020 you can mix mechanical and electrical feeder trolleys to run a mixed environment and get maximum flexibility as well as following JUKI's philosophy of Lowest Cost of Ownership.

The brand new design of the ETF includes some enhancements which will increase speed, flexibility and component capacities, as well as advanced feeder handling:

o By suppressing vibration, part positions can be stabilised, realising the smooth and rapid supply of super tiny parts.

o Function to correct feeder pick up position: Because of the feedback of component centering variance to the feeder, each ETF automatically adjusts and controls the pick position for a more stable simultaneous pick.

o Motor driven ETF can feed sensitively for ultra small components, steadily and fast.

o Change the feed pitch on the feeder by using the appropriate buttons

o Feeder status on display by lighting of LED and 7 segment LED.

o LED display shows the feeder positions when running the machine.

o 12mm feeders are the same size as 8mm feeders enabling you to put more 12mm feeders on a trolley.

o No need to stop the machine when replenishing components by using splicing function!

o Reduce down time! You can easily replenish components anytime!

o You can change any tape feeder safely while still running the machine.

o Referring to the production program ETF will issue a warning when a wrong feeder or wrong pitch is detected. Feeder operation panel will show an alert for a wrong feeder or a feeder running out of components.

o Available for the feeder intelligence system IFS.X2 as well

Feeder amount example for an FX3

Please take the opportunity and visit us at the SMT / HYBRID / PACKAGING in Nuremberg (D), 8-10 June 2010 booth 333 / hall 7 for a live demo on the new ETF feeders.

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