Electrical Safety Analyzer has built-in voltage scanner.

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Suited for dielectric testing of cables, power supplies, and other multiple connection products, Hybrid 2000 performs high-voltage ac (50-5,000 V), dc (50-6,000 V), and IR tests (100 kW to 50 GW) as well as DCR measurements (50 mW to 100 kW). All functions, including 8-channel high-voltage scanner, can be programmed via front panel or remotely via RS-232. Unit offers multiple safety features and store/recall capabilities for up to 50 test setups with 20 steps each.

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QuadTech Announces the Hybrid 2000 AC/DC/IR/DCR Safety Analyzer with Built-In High Voltage Scanner

Dielectric Withstand Testing of Electronic Products with Multiple Connections

Maynard, MA - QuadTech, Inc., a leading electronic test equipment manufacturer in the electrical safety and passive component testing marketplace, proudly introduces the new Hybrid 2000 AC/DC/IR/DCR Safety Analyzer. The Hybrid 2000 so named because it performs not only high voltage AC, DC and IR testing, but DCR measurements as well. The Hybrid 2000 comes standard with a built-in 8-channel high voltage scanner.

The Hybrid 2000 AC/DC/IR/DCR Safety Analyzer provides a variety of features for electrical safety testing of a wide mix of products. All functions, including the internal 8 channel scanner, can be programmed via front panel or remotely via RS-232. With an increasing demand for dielectric testing of cables, power supplies, and other multiple connection products, the Hybrid 2000 offers an economical alternative to more expensive systems and external scanners. It is the most comprehensive dielectric analyzer available in its price range for production test applications.

Some of the outstanding features which make the Hybrid 2000 Safety Analyzer ideal for Safety Testing of Electrical/Electronic Devices:

· AC Hipot: Voltage 50 to 5000V; Leakage Current Detection to 30mA
· DC Hipot: Voltage 50 to 6000V; Leakage Current Detection to 10mA
· IR Measurements:100kW to 50GW; Test voltage: 50 to 5000VDC.
· DCR Measurements: 50mW to 100kW
· Measure both Total and Real Current
· Programmable High & Low Limits for Easy Pass/Fail Testing
· Programmable Ramp, Dwell, Test and Fall Times
· Ground Fault Interruption (GFI) Circuitry for Operator Protection
· 8-Channel Scanner to Test Multiple Points Simultaneously
· Store/Recall 50 Test Setups, 20 Steps Each
· RS-232 & Remote I/O Interfaces Standard

The Hybrid 2000 has many safety features for protection of the operator and the product under test. The Ground Fault Interrupt (GFI) function when enabled will shut down the Hybrid 2000 when a current imbalance exceeds 0.5mA. The Hybrid 2000 also provides quick HV discharge of the device under test and fast output cutoff. The Open/Short Circuit mode detects the proper connection of the device in order to prevent false readings. The password-protected "Key Lock" function prevents an operator from inadvertently altering test conditions.

To support a variety of measurement applications, QuadTech offers a comprehensive selection of accessories for the Hybrid 2000 AC/DC/IR/DCR Safety Analyzer, including test leads, adapters for connecting to 115V/220V corded products, resistive load boxes and more.

Available by mid-July 2006, the Hybrid 2000 Safety Analyzer is priced at $5,995 and includes test leads, a power cable and a NIST-traceable calibration certificate. The Hybrid 2000 Safety Analyzer is TUV & UL approved and carries the CE Mark for wider acceptance in the global marketplace.

For more information on the Hybrid 2000, please call (800) 253-1230; fax: (978) 461-4295 or visit www.quadtech.com/Hybrid2000 for full product specifications.

About QuadTech:
QuadTech, an ISO 9001 Registered manufacturer, offers a complete line of instrumentation including LCR meters, hipot and ground bond testers, safety analyzers, megohmmeters, milliohmmeters, systems and software, as well as calibration and repair services. Based in Maynard, MA, QuadTech has a worldwide network of direct sales and distributors who service and support customers around the globe. In the United States, all of QuadTech's products carry a 45-day money back guarantee.

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