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Electrical Ladle Heaters offer 70% net efficiency.

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Dec 26, 2013 - By heating ladles with electricity instead of gas, Kanthal Heaters enable aluminum producers and steel foundries to lower energy costs and CO2 emissions. Design allows same heater tube to be used for both heating and holding. Heating elements are arranged in reflector, allowing radiation to be accurately directed toward target area. With uniform temperature profile and no flame or streaming of hot exhausts, lifetime of refractory is prolonged by 10–15%.

Sandvik AB - Sandviken, SWE

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Sandvik Launches Next Generation of Kanthal® Electrical Ladle Heaters

Press release date: Dec 01, 2013

Sandvik is now introducing its next generation of Kanthal electrical ladle heaters. By heating ladles with electricity instead of gas, aluminum producers and steel foundries can benefit from lower energy costs, increased process control, reduced CO2 emissions, and a cleaner working environment.

High net efficiency
Kanthal electrical ladle heaters offer net efficiency of 70%, compared to only 20% for gas. Their design enables the same heater tube to be used for both heating and holding. The heating elements are arranged in a reflector, allowing the radiation to be more accurately directed towards the target area.

The uniform temperature profile achieved when using electrical elements to heat the ladle, and the fact that there is no flame or streaming hot exhausts, will prolong the lifetime of the refractory by 10–15%.

Innovative monitoring and control
An advanced heater monitoring and control system optimizes performance and prolongs the lifetime of the heater by eliminating overheating. The system ensures maximum and consistent power, which reduces process times.

Kanthal electrical ladle heaters are supplied as complete installations, comprising heating elements in a reflector casing, and control and regulation equipment. Commissioning and technical support are provided on site by Sandvik heating experts.

Complete range
Sandvik offers a broad portfolio of Kanthal electrical heating systems, for a range of applications in the primary aluminum industry, typically rodding shops, in secondary aluminum in foundries, and in steel foundries. We also provide systems for glass production and R&D purposes.