Electrical Contact Replacements match Westinghouse products.

Press Release Summary:

Replacement electrical contacts are available for Westinghouse A200 Series, which comprises magnetically operated contactors for NEMA rated applications. Westinghouse replacement contact kits are for A200 Line, Type N - Life-Line Series, Type DPCK, Type MD - MME, JF Autostarters, Ampguard, Drum Switches, Type A Limit and SM Master Switches, and Advantage Line. In addition to electrical contacts, carbon brushes, and control coils, re-tipping for electrical contacts is available.

Original Press Release:

Repco Picks Up Where Others Leave Off

In April Repco (Replacement Electrical Parts Company) featured electrical replacement contacts for the Westinghouse A200 Series.  The A200 Series are magnetically operated contactors for a wide range of NEMA rated applications.  Repco offers a comprehensive line of quality replacement electrical contacts for Westinghouse (Eaton) motor starters and contactors.

Westinghouse replacement contact kits supplied by Repco are for the : A200 Line, Type N - Life-Line Series, Type DPCK, Type MD - MME, JF Autostarters, Ampguard, Drum Switches, Type A Limit & SM Master Switches, and Advantage Line.  Eaton purchased the Westinghouse Distribution and Controls Business Unit in 1994.  Though some Westinghouse contact kits have been obsoleted, Repco offers replacements for discontinued as well as existing product lines.

Repco’s Westinghouse products are guaranteed to match the OEM contact performance.  Repco reverse engineers the OEM electrical contact kit according to Repco specs.  Their replacement sets for the Westinghouse A200 Series, like all the company’s contact products, are normal stock and ready to ship.

Electrical managers at end user companies look to their supply chain for lower-cost solutions that reduce costly ongoing maintenance.  Repco’s cost-saving solutions help offset thousands of dollars during the lifetime of equipment.  The continuing challenge is to educate customers about the reliability and value of quality replacement part alternatives.

In addition to offering electrical contacts, carbon brushes and control coils, the company also offers a process called “re-tipping” of electrical contacts.

Contact Repco directly at 800.822.9190 or at their easy to navigate website repcoinc.com to cross reference OEM products for AC and DC motors and controls that are right for your application.

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