Electric Supply Pump suits high pressure applications.

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Suitable for waterborne spraying or moving high viscosity materials, E-Flo® DC (Dual Control) Pump features brushless DC motor that stalls under pressure and changes speed to maintain constant fluid pressure. Pump requires only single-phase 220 V, 50/60 Hz power and operates by maintaining either constant pressure or constant flow rate. To protect against premature wear, E-Flo has integrated runaway protection system, which automatically shuts pump down if flow rate exceeds targeted max value.

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New Electric Supply Pump for High Pressure Applications Delivers Energy Efficiency and Consistency

MINNEAPOLIS -- Graco Inc. (NYSE:GGG), a leading manufacturer of fluid handling equipment, today unveiled its new E-Flo® DC (Dual Control) electric supply pump ideally suited for high pressure applications.

This new Graco E-Flo® DC pump features an energy efficient electric brushless DC motor that stalls under pressure and changes speeds to maintain constant fluid pressure, similar to a pneumatic air motor.

Ideal for high-pressure applications such as waterborne spraying or moving high viscosity materials, the E-Flo DC Supply Pump is designed to operate by maintaining either constant pressure or a constant flow rate. It is five times more efficient than similarly sized pneumatic pumps, resulting in significantly lower electric bills for the end user. In addition, this electric pump operates quietly – more than 20 db quieter than OSHA’s continuous sound threshold for an eight hour work day.

“The E-Flo DC Electric Supply Pump was designed specifically for high pressure applications,” said Bill Heuer, Product Marketing Manager, Industrial Products Division. “Because the brushless DC motor provides precise control, it is able to deliver extremely consistent fluid pressures and flow rates –resulting in more consistent finishes. Our customers save money on their electric bill by using less energy.”

To protect the pumps from premature wear, the E-Flo line was developed with an integrated runaway protection system that is standard on all models. “With runaway protection, the E-Flo DC pump automatically shuts off if the flow rate exceeds a targeted maximum value,” said Heuer. “This safety mechanism not only prevents costly material loss, but also reduces maintenance and increases product longevity.

"The E-Flo DC is the ideal solution for customers wishing to save money and reduce noise in their facility,” said Heuer. “They have a small footprint and are easy to operate and install, requiring only single-phase 220 volt, 50/60 Hz power with no Variable Frequency Drive required.”


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