Electric Straddle Stacker is suitable for pallet handling.

Press Release Summary:

Intermediate-duty model SW22 with separately excited, 1.8 kW motor, provides controlled top speed, controlled speed on ramps, and programmable operating speeds. Steering handle head has two butterfly levers for forward and reverse movement and separate lever that actuates lifting and lowering. Stacker is offered with single mast for 62 in. lift or telescopic masts for lifts up to 112 or 128 in. Maximum load capacity is 2,200 lbs with load center of 24 in.

Original Press Release:

Redesigned Straddle Stacker is Versatile, Low Maintenance Solution for Warehouse and Distribution Center Pallet Handling

New Model SW22, a redesigned intermediate-duty electric straddle stacker equipped with a separately excited motor, is available from Multiton MIC Corporation, Richmond, Va. The new SW22 stacker, a low cost handler for warehouses and distribution centers, is ideally suited for light to medium duty applications. Successful applications have been found in: low volume distribution centers, warehouses in manufacturing plants, processing facilities and assembly lines, among others.

The walkie stacker's motor design provides several advantages when compared to conventional stackers, such as: controlled top speed regardless of load, controlled speed on ramps, ramp start without rollback, programmable operating speeds and no high maintenance directional contactors, among others. A fully electronic control system reclaims up to 15 percent of battery energy when the drive switch is released.

Standard items include a steering handle head with two butterfly levers for forward and reverse movement, and a separate lever that actuates lifting and lowering. The stacker is available with either a single mast for 62-inch lift, or telescopic masts for lifts up to 112 inches or 128 inches. Maximum load capacity is 2,200 pounds with a load center of 24 inches.

Stacker Details

The stacker has a high-pressure hydraulic pump with 1.8kW motor. The 64-inch long SW22 has a single, large diameter (8-inch) steering wheel for maximum maneuverability. Stacker loads are supported by a combination of two rear-mounted 5-inch diameter casters and two load wheels mounted at the end of the straddle legs. Drive and hydraulic pump motors are powered by two deep cycle, 12V-100 Ah batteries with a built-in charger. The stacker is available with standard oversized, adjustable straddle legs with inside dimensions from 35 to 49 inches. The telescopic masts have a 7-inch free lift for easy access through doors or on trailers.

For more information on the Model SW22 Straddle Stacker, contact Multiton MIC Corporation, 5701 Eastport Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23231, phone 804-737-7400, fax 804-737-9050, www.multiton.com.

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