Electric Process Heater offers 4,160 V operation.

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Available in capacities of 9 kW to 13 MW with flange sizes of 3-24 in., 4kV Series(TM) electric process heater can be located away from its power source, such as 1 mile below grade for any down-hole oil production heater. It also enables multi-megawatt heating applications for heating and vaporizing water, steam, ammonia, and glycol. Unit is based on INFI-SEAL(TM) technology, which seals heating elements so they exhibit resistance to ground and do not absorb or retain moisture.

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Gaumer Process Announces the World's First 4160 Volt Electric Process Heaters - 4kV Series(TM)

HOUSTON, June 11 - Gaumer Process, a technology leader in electric process heating systems, today announced the world's first 4160 volt electric process heaters (4kV Series). The 4kV Series heaters are available immediately in capacities of 9kW-13MW (Megawatts) with flange sizes from 3 to 24 inches.

"In addition to more power, 4160 volt operation allows the heater to be located further away from its power source - such as one mile below grade for a down-hole oil production heater," said Mark Crosby, Vice President of Gaumer Process. "The 4kV Series also enables multi-Megawatt heating applications which were not previously feasible with electric heaters - examples include heating and vaporizing water, steam, ammonia and glycol with 4160 volts. We are excited about these many, new customer applications."

"The 4kV series development would not have been possible without Gaumer's patented INFI-SEAL(TM) technology, which seals heating elements so they exhibit infinite resistance to ground and do not absorb or retain moisture," said Crosby.

For more information on Gaumer 4kV Series heaters, please visit the Company's website at http://www.gaumer.com/.

About Gaumer
Gaumer Process is a major manufacturer and technology leader in the application of electric process heaters, systems, and controls. The Company's products enable worldwide customers to satisfy the most demanding process heating requirements. Recent technology announcements include 4kV Series(TM), ElectroClean(TM) and INFI-SEAL(TM). Gaumer is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

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