Electric Motors are suitable for tube rolling.

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Models 41238 and 22488 Electric Rolling Motors can both be repeatedly run to stall without damage when expanding tubes in boilers, heat exchangers, and other pressure vessels. Model 41238 weighs 19 lb, expands tubes from ¾ to 2½ in. OD, and can be used to power tube cutters, tube beading units, tube bevellers and other tools. More powerful Model 22488 can expand tubes up to 3 in. OD, and is available in 110 V/60 Hz and 220 V/50 Hz models.

Original Press Release:

For Tube Rolling Applications, Electric Rolling Motors Must Be Especially Rugged

Long Island City, New York USA--When expanding tubes in boilers, heat exchangers and other pressure vessels, the rolling motor must often be run to a stall, and that can damage many electric motors. That's why Thomas C. Wilson, Inc. offers two especially rugged and durable electric rolling motors designed specifically for tube rolling.

The Wilson 41238 and 22488 Electric Rolling Motors both offer features that specifically address tube expanding applications:
- These motors can repeatedly be run to a stall without damage
- "Dead Handles" give operators of these motors added leverage
- Three-wire grounded plugs give added protection to employees
- No. 3 and No. 4 Morse Taper and 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 and 1-Inch Square Socket Drive Connectors are available
- The 22488 Rolling Motor is available in a 220-Volt/50 Hertz version

The Wilson 41238 Electric Rolling Motor is both easy-to-handle and multi-functional:
- It is lightweight at just 19 pounds (8.6 Kg)
- It expands tubes from 3/4-inch (19.1mm) to 2 1/2-inch (63.5mm) OD
- It can also be used to power tube cutters, tube beading units, tube bevellers and other tools.
- It has a maximum speed of 250 rpm.
- It's On/Off and Forward/Reverse controls are conveniently located on the unit's "live" handle.

The Wilson 22488 Electric Rolling Motor is actually smaller than the 41238 at just 16 3/4-Inches (42cm) long, but it is more powerful:
- It will expand tubes up to 3 Inches (76.2mm) OD
- It is available in both 110-volt/60 Hz and 220-volt/50 Hz models
- It operates at 60 rpm

Thomas C. Wilson, Inc. offers an extensive line of electric, electronic and air-driven rolling motors. They are available with both manual controls and torque-control so they expand to a pre-set point and then cut off automatically. All Wilson Rolling Motors and other tools and equipment are serviced and supported by a global network of Authorized Wilson Distributors.

Thomas C. Wilson, Inc. has manufactured tools for the fabrication, repair, cleaning and maintenance of pressure vessels for 70 years. Headquartered in Long Island City, New York, Wilson distributes, services and supports its products through a global network of Authorized Distributors.

For information about Wilson Rolling Motors, or Wilson tube plugs, tube expanders, tube pullers, tube cutters, tube facing tools and pneumatic tools, as well as tube cleaning systems and accessories, or the name and telephone number of a local Authorized Wilson Distributor, contact Thomas C. Wilson, Inc. at:
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