Electric IR Spot Heater warms commercial decks and patios.

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Designed for commercial and residential deck and patio applications, HZE X5C 015 series has curved back design and compound reflective IRLens(TM) that focuses IR energy into central beam. Unit requires 1,500 W of electric power at 120-277 V and will raise temperature of people and objects in 14 ft² area by 15° or more from 8 ft away. Heater can be wall-, ceiling- or post-mounted.

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Radiant Optics Introduces First HZE Series Infrared Spot Heater

Radiant Optics Introduces First HZE Series Infrared Spot Heater New "designer" electric heater ideal for heating commercial and residential decks and patios

Woodinville, WA-January 30, 2008-Radiant Optics, Inc., manufacturer of the HotZone(TM) family of high intensity infrared heaters, featuring the lobster-eye inspired IRLens(TM), today announced the introduction of the HZE X5C 015 "designer series" electric infrared spot heater for commercial and residential applications.

The HZE X5C 015 infrared heater features an aesthetically pleasing curved back design along with the traditional compound reflective IRLens(TM) which focuses up to 5 times as much infrared energy into the central beam than a heater without a lens. The heater can quickly and easily be wall-, ceiling- or post-mounted and requires 1500 watts of electric power at 120 through 277 volts. The highly efficient HZE X5C 015 will raise the temperature of people and objects in a 14 square foot area by 15 degrees or more from 8 feet away.

Said Neil Crocker, Radiant Optics' president and CEO, "Although Radiant Optics' HotZone(TM) heaters have always been known for their ability to provide "focused heat where you want it(TM)," their relatively industrial heater designs have not always met the needs of more discriminating commercial and residential customers. The new heaters look much better without sacrificing efficiency or effectiveness."

More information on the HZE X5C 015 infrared electric heater and the rest of the HotZone(TM) family of high intensity infrared heaters, heater controls and HotZone(TM) solutions, along with thermal comfort solution design assistance and reseller contact information is available on the web at www.radiantoptics.com.

About Radiant Optics, Inc.

Radiant Optics designs and manufactures HotZone(TM) high intensity gas and electric infrared spot heaters for applications as diverse and ice and snow melting to restaurant patio heating. All of Radiant Optics' infrared heaters feature the lobster-eye inspired and patented IRLens(TM) that focuses the infrared energy into a narrow beam resulting in more heat being delivered to the target and/or allowing heaters to be mounted farther from the target. Radiant Optics is located in Woodinville, Washington and all HotZone(TM) heaters are manufactured in the USA.

For more information, general public:
Joseph Scheid, 425-806-3990, jscheid@radiantoptics.com or www.radiantoptics.com

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