Electric Chain Hoist accelerates work cycles and promotes safety.

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Offered with capacities of 130–4,400 lb, CLX serves manufacturing applications involving high-speed load transfers and precise assembly work. Aluminum frame hoist can be paired with workstation cranes, overhead cranes, and jib cranes or deployed in various fixed configurations. Along with maintenance-free, oil lubrication-based transmission, features include 5-tooth chain sprocket with intermediate teeth, speed ratio of 6:1, adjustable slip clutch, and magnetic brake.

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Konecranes Offers Its Next-Generation CLX Electric Chain Hoist for Increased Productivity

SPRINGFIELD, OH — The new CLX electric chain hoist from Konecranes has been designed to speed up work cycles, enhance safety and extend service life.

The new Konecranes CLX Electric Chain Hoist is targeted for manufacturing applications where high-speed load transfers and precise assembly work are required. Currently in capacities of 60 to 2,000 kg (130 to 4,400 lbs) CLX can be paired with workstation cranes, overhead cranes and jib cranes or deployed in an endless variety of fixed configurations. Larger capacities up to 5,000 kg (11,000 lbs) will be available soon. Hailed as the next-generation electric chain hoist in Konecranes’ current line of proven technologies, CLX is expected to capture significant market share in its segment.

A number of improvements have been incorporated into the CLX over Konecranes’ previous models and over competing brands. The new robust aluminium frame is accompanied by a maintenance-free transmission and patented five-tooth chain sprocket with intermediate teeth which provides quiet operation and longer chain life. The latest oil lubrication-based transmission lowers operating temperature, enabling increased power. An available speed ratio of 6:1 enables movements that are fast – 25% faster than its predecessor – and precise, with corresponding improvement in work cycles.

Safety and maintenance features of CLX from Konecranes have also been improved to promote safe operations and a longer service life. All electronics have been placed on compact circuit boards, decreasing internal wiring and limiting the number of parts and time required for maintenance. Additional safety functions have been integrated into the hoist’s construction. For example, the new slip clutch is easy to adjust and is designed to hold the load in an unlikely event of clutch failure and the new magnetic brake is designed so that no adjustments are required over the life of the brake.

The new-generation CLX chain hoist from Konecranes boasts a modern, ergonomic look, having been created with the same design philosophy for which Konecranes has received the prestigious red dot industrial design award.

CLX from Konecranes is currently available with a two-year warranty.

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Todd Blair, Marketing and Communications Manager, Region Americas

todd.blair@konecranes.com or 937.525.5560

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