Electric Actuators combine three technologies.

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Combining brushless servo motor, servo amplifier, and position controller in single housing, Tritex(TM) Series Actuators eliminate external servo amplifier and associated cables. Linear units offer strokes from 3-18 in. with 1,250 lbf max continuous thrust capacity and 25 ips max linear velocity. Available in standard IEC metric dimensions, rotary actuators provide up to 42 lbf-in. continuous torque and 84 lbf-in. peak torque. Integrated planetary gear option provides 4:1-100:1 ratios.

Original Press Release:

Integrated Servo Motor/Actuator/Amplifier/Positioner

Chanhassen, MN - September 13, 2006 - The Exlar Tritex(TM) Series of electric
actuators combine three technologies in a single housing to deliver a truly simple and low cost electric alternative for fluid power actuators. The combined brushless servo motor, servo amplifier and position controller eliminate the external servo amplifier and the cables associated with a typical servo system. Tritex actuators with built-in mechanical converters replace electric drive systems employing ball screw or gear reducer mechanisms for a complete actuation solution.

Since no external amplifier is involved, system design and installation of
the wiring layout, panel space for a separately mounted servo amplifier and the wiring and installation of that amplifier are completely eliminated. Trouble shooting and debugging of individual components; gear reducers or rotary to linear converter mechanisms, servo motors, amplifiers as well as connecting cables are completely eliminated. Up to 500 watts of continuous power can be applied to the actuator's brushless servo motor to achieve the applied forces and velocity of motion required for your applications. All of the required power components and control electronics are contained in the actuator's housing. The standard product is rated IP54 with optional IP65 rating for applications requiring wash-down or contact with fluids.

Tritex(TM) linear actuators provide the same form factor as hydraulic and pneumatic actuators, and provide for simple all electric retrofits in what were formerly fluid power applications. They are available with many different mountings such as front flange, rear clevis mount, side mount or trunnion mount.

Tritex(TM) rotary actuators are available in standard IEC metric dimensions.
Direct drive units as well as units with integral planetary gearing provide compact powerful solutions for most rotary applications. Custom mounting and options for both rotary and linear actuators are available to meet all of your installation requirements.

o 3 inch frame size
o 3 to 18 inch strokes available
o 0.1, 0.2, 0.4 and 0.5 inch lead roller screws
o 1250 lbf max continuous thrust capacity, 2270 lbf peak
o 25 inches per second max linear velocity
o 24 and 48 VDC Power
o Multiple standard and custom mounts available
o Low resolution Incremental feedback
o Multiple connectorization options
o IP54 sealing standard / IP65 Sealing optional
o RS485 Serial communications, monitoring and control
o Molded and shielded cables available

o 90mm frame size
o Up to 42 lbf-in continuous 84 lbf-in peak torque
o 24 and 48 VDC Power
o Integrated planetary gearing option 4:1 to 100:1 ratios
o Up to 1700 rpm base motor speed
o Multiple standard and custom mounts available
o Low resolution incremental feedback
o Multiple connectorization options
o IP65 sealing standard
o RS485 serial communications, monitoring and control
o Molded and shielded cables available

Exlar Corporation designs, manufactures and sells linear and rotary motion
products worldwide. For general product information, contact Exlar Corporation, 1470 Lake Drive West, Chanhassen, MN 55317, phone 952-368-3434, and fax 952-368-4359. Visit our website at www.exlar.com.

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