Electret Condenser Microphone suits harsh environments.

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Supplied in 6.0 x 7.0 mm aluminum case, Model KECG2742 features IP67, IEC Standard qualification and provides audio output under extreme atmospheric conditions. Microphone operates in full audio from 100–20K Hz and has SNR of 57 dBA within operating voltage of 2.0 Vdc at 0.5 mA and temperature range of -20 to +70°C. Unit can be paired with transducers TRKPE-243 or KPE-267; both have IP67 qualification and produce 85 db in up to 3 ft water level at 20 cm/12 Vdc within -30 to +80°C range.

Original Press Release:

For Harsh Environments, We Have the "Perfect Pair"

Transducers USA’s has just announced the receipt of IP-67, IEC Standard qualification for its Model KECG2742 electret condenser microphone; this making it a “Perfect Pair” when combined with either the Transducers ‘s Model TRKPE243  or Model KPE-267; both of which have IP-67 qualification.

This new microphone is particularly useful in harsh element environments, providing an audio output that is ‘battle hardy’ under extreme atmospheric conditions. The KECC-2742 microphone operates in the full audio from 100-20K Hz and having signal/noise ratio of 57dBA within the operating voltage of 2.0 VDC at 0.5 mA and temperature range of -20 to +70C. The unit is housed in a 6.0 x 7.0 mm aluminum case.

The unit makes “perfect pairs’ of Transducers TRKPE-243 or KPE-267.  Both audio units produce 85 Db in up to a three foot water level at 20 cm/12 VDC within a temperature range of -30 to +80C.   Both units are contained in a hi temp ABS UL-94 plastic housing and are RoHS compliant.

Transducer’s “Perfect Pairs” are the perfect answer for adequate sound communication in environments that can make sound transmission difficult, particularly in outdoor construction projects for security protection.

Delivery of Transducers USA’s new microphone Model KECG-2742 and the audio indicators TRKPE-243 and KPE267 are currently quoted as from stock to 6 weeks with pricing at $1.60 and $2.50 respectively at 1k quantities.  Sample requests, detailed specifications, specific pricing and delivery quotes should be addressed to:

Transducers USA,

1400 Howard Street, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

Tel. 1-888-921-6400 FAX: 847-956-1950

E-mail: info@tusainc.com Web: www.tusainc.com

Transducers USA’s drive to produce and market the latest, as in this case of the KECG2742 microphone is just another example of Transducers USA’s continuing efforts to offer cutting edge products for difficult situations in addition to its extensive line of piezo buzzers, ceramic elements, speakers, receivers, microphones and ultrasonic sensors and emitters to the telecommunications, medical and specialized product industrial markets throughout North America. Most of their products are certified under ISO-9002 with many having ISO-9001 and/or QS-9000, and are manufactured in modern facilities in Taiwan, China and Korea

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J.Sieracki, (857) 956-1920

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