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Eighth-Brick 2:1 Input DC/DC Converter serves PoE applications.

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Mar 12, 2014 - Operating from 36–72 Vdc input, Cool Power Technologies CPE1U48 provides tightly regulated output voltage with output current rating of 1.25 A. Nominal output voltage of 48 Vdc, which can be adjusted to suit various PoE applications, is fully isolated from input, and converter meets basic insulation requirements. Offering efficiencies exceeding 90% from ½ load through full load, this 2.3 x 0.9 x 0.404 in., open frame converter incorporates multiple protection features.

Semiconductor Circuits, Inc. - Atkinson, NH

Original Press Release

2:1 Input High Performance 1/8th Brick DC-DC Converter for POE Applications

Press release date: Mar 07, 2014

Atkinson, NH — Semiconductor Circuits, Inc. introduces a new member of its “Cool Power” product family. The CPE1U48 “Cool Power Technologies” DC-DC converter is an open frame eighth-brick DC-DC converter that conforms to industry standard specifications. The converter operates over an input voltage range of 36 to 72 VDC, and provides a tightly regulated output voltage with an output current rating of 1.25 Amps. Output voltage is nominally 48Vdc and can be adjusted to suit a variety of POE (Power over Ethernet) applications. The output is fully isolated from the input and the converter meets Basic Insulation requirements. The standard feature set includes remote On/Off (positive or negative enable), input under-voltage lockout, output overvoltage protection, over-current and short circuit protections, output voltage trim, remote sense and over-temperature shutdown with hysteresis. The high efficiency of the CPE1U48 allows operation over a wide ambient temperature range with minimal de-rating (full rated power @ 70°C & 200LFM (1m/s) airflow at 48 Vin.).This new POE optimized product is a member of the Cool Power 1/8th Brick Family. It is compliant with DOSA footprint and interface standards and provides 2250 VDC input to output isolation. Custom values are also being manufactured to match varied voltage requirements in POE products.

The CPE series is a high efficiency module product family with efficiencies exceeding 90% from ½ load through full load. They meet EN 60950 basic insulation requirements and are UL94 V-0 flammability rated. Safety certification by TUV has been granted for most members of the family and the remaining ones are in the certification process. The modules comply with typical industry requirements including no load operation, 2 X nominal input voltage transient and pre-biased load startup.

Other features include: fixed-frequency operation, auto-restart OVP, OCP & OTP protections, UVLO, remote sense and +10%/-20% output voltage trim using industry standard equations. Remote ON/OFF is standard with positive or negative logic options available.

This product set features standard 1/8th brick pin-out and dimensions of 2.3” L x 0.9” W (58.4mm x 22.9mm.) It has a maximum height of 10.3mm (0.404”) which accommodates tight card spacing with minimal airflow blockage of downstream components.

A product brief is available at & sample quantities can be ordered directly from stock via the website. Please contact or call 1-888-GET-DCDC (1-888-438-3232) toll free for OEM pricing and availability. Other output voltages in the 2:1 input series are available upon request. We also welcome quick-turn modifications and custom configurations to meet our customer’s particular requirements.

Semiconductor Circuits, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing AC/DC & DC-DC modules for over 45 years (founded in 1966.) Module applications include: industrial, test,telecom/communications, networking, data-processing, railway, military, medical and aerospace. Please visit our website at for more information.

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