Efficient Solar Production Solutions from FlexLink

FlexLink offers a complete range of efficient solutions for the solar cell, modules and inverter production.

The solar cell industry is undergoing a rapid development in technology and increasing volumes, setting high demands on the production lines and equipment with regards to the production volumes, number of product variants and quality assurance.

At Intersolar North America, San Francisco July 14-16, FlexLink presents a range of conveyor and handling solutions for the efficient manufacturing of solar cells, solar modules and inverters. In addition to this, an MES software allowing flexible manufacturing combined with high efficiency and 100% quality control.

Based on production logistics competence, conveyors, and handling solutions together with line control, FlexLink provides solutions to connect the different production processes. An efficient, flexible and operator independent production flow will improve the efficiency and the products are always handled in a gentle way.

FlexLink's offer to the manufacturers of solar wafers, cells and inverters consists of:

o conveyors and handling solutions for totes, cassettes and racks for wafer production.
o conveyors and handling solutions for the assembly of solar cell and thin film modules.
o assembly and test systems for solar inverters.
o MES software for the assembly and QA processes.

"Both cell and thin film module manufacturers can benefit from FlexLink's range of conveyor solutions and buffering, lifting, turning and centering modules. Thanks to our wide range of standard conveyor modules, it is easy to design and, if needed, change the line layout. And sophisticated line control and handling solutions safeguards a smooth and gentle handling of the products." Comments Mike Hilsey, Marketing Director of FlexLink Systems Inc.

"FlexLink's MES software, Youtilize(TM), supports a paperless, one piece production flow. All components used in the inverter can be scanned for traceability purpose and different products or variants can be produced simultaneously. In all, FlexLink's solutions are geared for offering a high total efficiency to the manufacturing processes." Concludes Patrick Djerf, Solar industry specialist at FlexLink.

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Director of Marketing
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Senior Application Engineer
Area System House
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