EFD Solder Paste Group and Leister Technologies Join in Cooperative Worldwide Marketing Effort for Advanced Tabletop Laser Soldering Reflow

Lincoln, RI (August 9, 2006) - The Solder Paste Group of EFD, Inc. and Leister Technologies LLC have agreed to a cooperative marketing effort for a unique, high-speed, high-precision, automated solder paste reflow system designed to substantially increase production yields and deliver greater throughput. Among its many advantages, the times savings alone with the EFD/Leister package could reach 80% or more over traditional wire and iron soldering methods.

This EFD/Leister soldering system is combines EFD's industry-proven auger valve and Ultra® TT tabletop dispensing robot with Leister's renowned Novolas(TM) diode laser. Other key system features enhance this advanced solder automation breakthrough, including EFD's unique SolderPlus® solder paste. The solder paste formulations available are fast, clog-free and designed to support the sub-second reflow cycles times common with laser heating.

The comprehensive EFD/Leister package system includes EFD SolderPlus paste, the EFD Ultra TT robot, the EFD ProcessMate(TM) 6500 temperature control system, and the Leister Novolas(TM) diode laser, all housed in a laser-safe certified cabinet. These various system components can be bought individually and in any combination a customer's process requires. However, the complete EFD/Leister automation-soldering package delivers what is believed to be the best one-stop self-contained reflow solution on the market today.

EFD and Leister have specifically aimed the marketing of their system at users requiring discreet, precise, rapid heating, and controlled, non-spatter high-yield solder performance. In comparison with wire soldering alternatives, it is an opportunity to deliver considerable, easy-to-track benefits to the production line.

The EFD/Leister package is ideal for processes requiring non-contact point-to-point soldering of temperature-sensitive parts, especially component manufacturers serving the global automotive and medical industries. Of primary importance, heat damage to temperature-sensitive plastics is virtually eliminated with the EFD/Leister system, while the solder paste reflow process produces the highest levels of quality.

With its precise laser heating and lead-free solder formulations; this state-of-the-art system meets all process, production line, and workplace safety and environmental standards for RoHS compliant manufacturing.

According to a senior product manager instrumental in putting together this marketing cooperative, "The EFD/Leister system is the right package, with the right solder, the right delivery, the right amount, the right reflow, and the right laser technology - to compete in today's highly competitive production arena around the world. "

"Our customers," he continued, "especially like the fact that training on the job is accomplished in hours not weeks, and the entire system is usually up and running on site in only one or two days. At times, we have gone from box to reflow between morning coffee and the afternoon break."

The overall EFD/Leister package system marketing alliance is supported by excellent on-site technical service, on-time worldwide delivery.

For more information on the EFD/Leister Tabletop Laser Soldering System Package, visit www.efdsolder.com or www.leisterlaser.com.

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