Edmund Optics® and PixeLINK® Announce Autofocus Lens Joint Product Interoperability

Edmund Optics line of Cx lenses utilizes PixeLINK's autofocus camera technology

November 8, 2016, Barrington, N.J. - Edmund Optics® (EO), the premier provider of optical components, has today announced a collaboration with PixeLINK®, a world leader in autofocus cameras with liquid lens technology. The collaboration enhances the capabilities of PixeLINK's autofocus USB 3.0 cameras by accommodating Edmund Optics' line of Cx lenses, modular lenses that easily integrate elements such as internal filters or liquid lenses.

PixeLINK pioneered and recently released the first line of USB 3.0 cameras that incorporates Varioptic's liquid lens technology, and it now integrates Edmund Optics' Cx line of lenses. This breakthrough technology allows for optimized compatibility between the camera and the autofocus lens, enabling the user to acquire superb image quality in any fast-moving focus environment.

"The Cx line of lenses accommodates interchangeable liquid lens accessories and features a simplified focus mechanism." said Greg Hollows, Imaging Business Unit Director at Edmund Optics. "We are pleased to be able to offer the user the ability to capture high quality images in fast-moving unique situations by integrating these lenses with the liquid lens camera technology offered by PixeLINK."

"Giving our customers the ability to generate superior quality images, even when the object in focus is moving at high speed, is an important innovative achievement in this age of technology," said Paul Saunders, President of PixeLINK. "This is why we're excited to announce the integration of PixeLINK's USB 3.0 autofocus cameras with the broad range of innovative Cx lenses from Edmund Optics."

The USB 3.0 cameras from PixeLINK are C-mount and can be fitted with the 12mm, 16mm, 25mm, and 35mm Edmund Optics Cx lenses. This autofocus solution will be used in machine vision, medical, biotechnology and biometric applications and will be available on the Edmund catalogue in December or by contacting PixeLINK. The recently launched Cx Series features 4 different fixed focal length lenses with a user-adjustable mid-section allowing a maximum degree of flexibility working with filters, custom apertures or liquid lenses. The innovative lens design has been recognized by multiple respected technical magazines.

About EO:

Edmund Optics® is a leading supplier of optics, imaging, and photonics technology for the Life Sciences, Biomedical, Semiconductor, R&D, and Defense markets around the globe. EO designs and manufactures a wide array of multi-element lenses, lens coatings, imaging systems, and optomechanical equipment, while supporting OEM applications with volume production of both stock and custom products. EO's state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, combined with its global distribution network, has earned it the position of the world's largest supplier of off-the-shelf optical components.

Customers can purchase items by calling 1-800-363-1992, via the catalog or the website at www.edmundoptics.com.

About PixeLINK:

PixeLINK designs and manufactures consistently reliable industrial and life science cameras for machine vision, medical imaging, biometrics, and microscopy applications. Since 1992, PixeLINK has designed, manufactured, and supported the imaging requirements of customers around the world. PixeLINK offers unmatched customer support and service, while providing the finest off-the-shelf, OEM and custom industrial imaging solutions to their customers. Pixelink.com

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