EDM Machine targets micro moldmaking applications.

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Die sinking ROBOFORM 350 MicroTEC incorporates discharge circuitry that enables EDM power to be modulated, maximizing material removal while allowing reduced electrode undersize of less than or equal to 0.0002 in. Double thermostabilization system prevents impact of temperature variations, while Accura-C C-axis ensures positioning accuracy down to 3.6 arc sec. DPControl suggests ideal electrode undersize and rationalizes number of electrodes necessary for effective machining.

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Charmilles' Introduces New ROBOFORM 350 MicroTEC

New diesinker offers precision, speed and accuracy for micro moldmaking applications

Lincolnshire, Illinois, November 6, 2006 - Charmilles' new ROBOFORM 350 MicroTEC diesinking EDM offers innovations in precision, speed and productivity for even the smallest die and mold applications. As the new milestone in the world of EDM, the new MicroTEC pushes the limit of quality and profitability to meet the most demanding market challenges.

In industries including automotive, aerospace, electrical connections, medical and watch making, miniaturization of components and the precision of geometric shapes is of the utmost importance to ensure that finished products work correctly. This necessitates the development of increasingly smaller molds. To meet these increasingly demanding requirements, the new ROBOFORM 350 MicroTEC integrates new discharge circuitry with the double thermostabilization system and the industry leading DPControl and Expert Systems.

The new MicroTEC discharge circuitry enables EDM power to be modulated, with the flexibility necessary to maximize material removal, while allowing a reduced electrode undersize of less than or equal to 0.002 in. This allows for higher machining outputs, while maintaining the geometry of the electrodes due to an extremely low wear rate.

The double thermostabilization system of the ROBOFORM 350 MicroTEC is a world first in preventing the impact of temperature variations, allowing for maximum accuracy. Pulsed air, circulating in the cabin, is cooled in real time according to the temperature of the dielectric, by a double differential temperature probe. The whole of the main frame and the X, Y and Z axes are thermostabilized in the same way as the whole of the machine. Circulation of the dielectric is integrated into the work table, which prevents the risk of thermal shocks when filling the tank.

In addition to the discharge circuitry, the ROBOFORM 350 MicroTEC also features Charmilles' industry leading DPControl. With DPControl's new functionality, the DPControl will suggest ideal electrode undersize and rationalize the number of electrodes necessary for effective machining. DPControl also allows direct access to measurements performed on a preset station and allows for organization of jobs according to the users priorities.

The DPControl will also allow for close monitoring with the automated production features of Expert Systems, and all information related to machining status can be transmitted directly to the operator via SMS. DPControl also evaluates a completed job by automatically creating a full report on job execution readily accessible to the operator via the network or directly on the machine.

The ROBOFORM 350 MicroTEC also features Accura-C, a high precision C-axis that provides a dramatic increase of positioning accuracy, ensuring down to 3.6 Arc seconds. To counteract the effects of pulsation movements in the dielectric fluid and increase stability, the C-axis is built to withstand maximum inertia of up to 1708 lbs in2. This boosts productivity and allows precise machining with electrodes weighing up to 110 lbs. Additionally, Accura-C features a liquid cooling system to eliminate inaccuracy from thermal instability.

Offered as an option, the ROBOFORM 350 MicroTEC is available with a rotary tool changer can store up to 160 electrodes that vary from one cavity to another. The largest tool changer of its kind in the industry, it significantly increases the speeds of the loading process and reduces unnecessary movement. In addition a double gripper is used and it allows you to change from electrode to electrode in less than 60 seconds.

The new MicroTEC also offers the option of a Renishaw probe. This high precision measurement probe ensures perfectly accurate positioning to within a micron, by using optical transmission from a light beam. This optical probe is more precise and reliable than an electrical touch system. In addition, the DPControl automatically generates a measurement report of the probe, enabling rigorous checking and monitoring which lead to higher precision.

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