EDM Grinder facilitates honeycomb part machining.

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Model 1500 Spark Erosion Grinding (SEG) system uses EDM technology to arc-grind metal parts to size and shape, precisely removing metal stock. It has precision 1.5 hp, 3600 rpm spindle, cart-mounted EDM power-pack, drive and electrical arc power cables, and six electrode wheels. Electrical current fed through spindle arbor forms controlled arc between electrode wheel and part. As spindle is fed into part, electric arc machines part to finished diameter.

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The Setco(TM) Spark Erosion Grinding (SEG) System Is Ideal For Precision Honeycomb Machining

CINCINNATI, OH (April 19, 2002) - The SETCO(TM) Spark Erosion Grinding (SEG) System Model 1500 utilizes EDM technology to arc-grind metal parts to finished size and shape, precisely removing metal stock using AC current. Designed for the aerospace industry, the SEG 1500 system includes a precision 1.5 Hp, 3600 rpm "high amp" spindle; a cart-mounted EDM power-pack system; AC input; drive and electrical arc power cables, and six electrode wheels: two each of 4", 5" and 6" by 1/4" thick cold rolled steel. Portable and easily adapted to any processing center, the SEG system is ideal for machining burr-free honeycomb seals and rings for aircraft engines, remanufacturing these expensive components to like-new condition at a fraction of the cost of new replacement parts. Superior to the mill-type remanufacturing process, the SEG process typically reduces machine time by 30 to 50 percent. The SEG 1500 can machine honeycomb down to 1/50" of cell size and foil down to .002", and up to .020" of stock can be removed per pass, four times the stock removal of alternate methods. Machining honeycomb with the SEG 1500 is efficient and simple. Cylindrical honeycomb parts are secured to a lathe or turning center for part rotation before the SEG spindle is mounted to the cross slide and fed into the part for stock removal. AC electrical current fed through the spindle arbor forms a controlled arc between the electrode wheel and the honeycomb. As the spindle is fed into the part, the electric arc erodes away the honey to machine the part to finished diameter. The SEG System also machines contour shapes with tracer control or by using shaping electrodes. Offering both economy and low maintenance, the SEG 1500 requires only periodic coolant replacement, and electrode wheels easily can be manufactured from cold rolled steel. SETCO Sales Company is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and service of SETCO(TM) brand precision spindles and MASTER/SETCO(TM) brand precision slides and flexible modules used in the automotive, aerospace, construction, die/mold, cabling and winding, plastic, woodworking, and general metalworking industries. For more information about all the ways the SEG 1500 model can meet the toughest honeycomb machining challenges, contact the SETCO Sales Company, 5880 Hillside Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45233. Phone: 800-543-0470. Fax: 513-941-6913. Web site: www.setcousa.com.

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