EDL's Stand Alone Shrink Tunnels

"EDL provides technologies and engineering to configure systems that meet special and often unique customer requirements. We listen, study, design, and deliver value."

EDL's Stand Alone Shrink Tunnels

EDL manufactures stand-alone Shrink Tunnels for various applications and projects. EDL standalone tunnels can be used in conjunction with other OEM's bundlers, wrappers or any shrink bag application. Competitive pricing and short delivery lead times are available on all EDL standard equipment. EDL's flexibility in design and construction allows for integrating a stand-alone tunnel for unique applications, such as those requiring low or high pass heights or particularly large

Standard Shrink Tunnel Sizes:

Widths: 22, 32, 42, 53, 66, 82, 96, 108, and 120 inches

Lengths: 45, 60, 78, 110, 144, and 216 inches

Chamber Heights: 12,20,30,40 and custom

Non-standard sized shrink tunnels are available as special orders but still utilize standard

components for competitive pricing and short lead times.

Shrink Tunnel Components:


o Standard conveyor belt is rugged, glass-filled nylon mesh belt reinforced with steel rods

o Belt is directly engaged by sprockets - no chains, tensioners, lubrication

o Mesh Protection System - Solid State Proximity Switch detects if belt drive has failed and shuts down heaters to protect the belt

o Direct Drive, Through-Shaft Reducer with premium efficiency, Inverter Duty 56C Face Motor

- no drive chains or belts to tension, lubricate, maintain or guard


o Clean Design - streamlined conveyor sides prevents the possibility of product being placed on the side of the conveyor

o Epoxy Polyester Powder Coating used throughout - provides the most durable, rugged finish of any paint system available

o Heavy duty 2" x 2" and 2" x 4" welded tubular steel frame construction - provides a sturdy, rugged frame which reduces mechanical vibration

o Easy access finned tubular heaters for efficient operation and ease of maintenance

o Belt design eliminates gaps or spaces for product to get trapped in - also minimizes pinch points for manually loaded or unloaded tunnels

o Belt runs directly on steel guides - will not absorb contaminants like plastic wear strips

o Optional Auxiliary Air-Drive Motor System - will evacuate tunnel chamber in the event of a power failure


o High-Efficiency design isolates heated chamber from the outer skin and frame of the tunnel - minimizes heat loss to atmosphere and enhances operator safety

o Direct Drive Fan Motor eliminates concerns with belt tensioning and maintenance and
eliminates bearings that need to be maintained

o Finned tubular heaters are mounted in banks for easy access - high efficiency heater design facilitates even heat distribution and minimal temperature variance during operation

o Ceramic Wool Insulation in combination with air void provides superior thermal insulation - No metal-to-metal contact between heated chamber and outside of tunnel

o Allen Bradley MicroLogix PLC for reliable control

o Solid State Relays and Digital Temperature Controller - most reliable and accurate method of controlling temperature minimizes temperature fluctuations and ensures long heater life

o Simple Operator Control Station - E-Stop, Start and Rundown (cool-down cycle) buttons
provide operator with easy control of tunnel operation

o CAL 3300 - Digital Temperature Controller - features min. or max. alarm and proportional cycle time learn function for optimal control

o Rockwell Motor Control Gear - easily available and reliable motor overload starter

EDL's Conveyors

We have seen an increasing amount of business in our stand-alone conveyor systems. Customers have taken notice to the cost effective modular design and the value it brings. We find we can bring a lot of value in applications that require customized conveyor systems or sections as our conveyors, as with all EDL equipment, are built to order. Accommodating minor variations from standard - such as specific components, specific color, working height or unusual angles - is not a big problem or a huge up-charge.

Types of Conveyors Include:

Table Top Chain

o Straight running

o Side flexing

o Sanitary Construction and/or Wash down

o High Friction, Low-Friction, Zero-Backpressure, Mild or Stainless Steel Modular Plastic Belt

o Heavy duty and modular design

o Intralox or Habisat Belting

o Accumulating, side flexing, incline/decline and straight running

o Specialty construction such as all-plastic for metal detection or Abrasion-Resistant for harsh environments


o Entire conveyor systems including controls, HMI and PLC

o Mechanical conveyor sections only

For further information please contact:

Bert Jansen

EDL Packaging Engineers

1260 Parkview Rd

Green Bay, WI 54304

Office: 920-336-7744

Fax: 920-336-8585

Email: sales@edlpackaging.com

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