Editorial Solutions target newspaper industry.

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Smart Connection(TM) delivers is editorial workflow solution, while Smart Styles(TM) helps users style complicated tables and lists. Smart Layout(TM) streamlines layout process and allows user to wrap text around ads on page. Smart Wire(TM) enables stories to flow into newspaper's system with all right coding for bylines, datelines, and body copy. Smart Mover(TM) integrated workflow and file manipulation tool helps automate time-consuming tasks and processes.

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WoodWing Introduces Smart Newspaper - A Special Suite of Solutions for the Newspaper Market

DETROIT, Oct. 6 / - WoodWing USA has announced a new bundled suite of its editorial solutions aimed specifically at the newspaper industry. Called Smart Newspaper(TM), it includes some of WoodWing Software's(TM) most popular and powerful editorial solutions.

Smart Newspaper(TM) features special pricing and unbeatable support that will make it an appealing deal for newspapers of any size.

"Our products are the industry leaders for all segments of the publishing industry, and we're especially strong in the newspaper market," said Brian Kruger, CEO of WoodWing USA. "By creating Smart Newspaper(TM), we're packaging together all the solutions that a newspaper needs. No matter what size they are, if a newspaper is using InDesign®, Smart Newspaper(TM) is going to make life easier for editorial staffers, and it's going to save the publisher money."

The products in Smart Newspaper(TM) include:
o The industry-leading Smart Connection(TM) editorial system. Smart
Connection is the most versatile and scalable editorial workflow
solution for InDesign and InCopy. Smart Connection's unique scalability
starts with the Pro version and scales up to the three-tier Enterprise
version, which serves some of the largest publishing companies of the world.
o Smart Styles(TM). Whether it's sports agate or calendar listings,
newspaper staffers spend countless hours formatting copy. Smart
Styles(TM) allows the user to style complicated tables, lists and other
items with a single click.
o Smart Layout(TM). By introducing the "Article" concept to InDesign,
Smart Layout(TM) speeds up and streamlines the layout process, and
allows the user to easily wrap text around ads on a page.
o Smart Wire(TM). Wire stories flow seamlessly into the newspaper's
system, with all the right coding for bylines, attributions, datelines
and body copy.
o Smart Mover(TM). Smart Mover(TM) is an integrated workflow and file
manipulation tool that allows the user to automate time-consuming tasks
and processes.

In addition to those products, Smart Newspaper(TM) also contains outstanding support and the ability to have WoodWing design individual templates for any publication.

About WoodWing

Since 1997, WoodWing Software(TM) engineers have worked with the Adobe InDesign® engineering team to develop plug-ins and solutions for Adobe InDesign® and InCopy®. Through a combination of publishing industry experience and a deep knowledge of the Adobe InDesign/InCopy® architecture, WoodWing Software(TM) offers solutions, productivity tools and plug-ins that make publishing with these programs faster, easier and much more effective.

Patrick Becker

Source: WoodWing USA

Web site: http://www.woodwing.com/

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