Edgetite(TM) Sparks New Paver Repair Opportunities

After its first season on the market, Edgetite spikes are not only improving new brick paver installations, but sparking a separate industry in paver edge repair.

In the past, there was no product on the market made specifically to tighten and strengthen the edges of your brick paving project.  If a repair was needed, the only option was to reinstall using the same method as the first time, potentially leading to the same outcome. That has changed with Edgetite, a product specifically designed to strengthen and increase longevity in paver edging.

Edgetite spikes were designed to address the one big problem with paver installations, failing brick edging. Mostly, everyone has seen the edges of a brick paver job starting to separate or “fall away”.  The edging is not at fault, it works only as well as what is securing it. The industry has used common spikes or nails to secure edging from the beginning.  Common spikes hold the edging straight down to the base, but there is no static pressure pushing the edging tightly against the brick, and nothing to resist frost heave and sideways movement, until now.     

Edgetite spikes were developed for just this reason.  Edgetite’s patent pending angled tip design allows the spike tip to deflect away from the field while the head pushes the edging tightly against the brick. The angled final position of an installed Edgetite spike holds the brick edge in, resists freeze/thaw cycles and sideways movement, while adding strength and longevity to a brick paver installation. Edgetite spikes also help reduce call backs and costly repairs.

Edgetite spikes are quickly becoming the industry standard for securing brick paver edging.

To see how Edgetite works or find the nearest dealer, visit our website.   www.edgetite.com 

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