Edge Compressor/Sampler suit UWB communication applications.

Press Release Summary:

Using Non Linear Transmission Line technology, Edge Compressor transforms input signal by compressing leading edge and reducing its risetime. Output rise times are as short as 4 ps. Unit offers edge compression to 70 ps and repetition rates greater than 20 GHz. Sampler features 100 GHz bandwidth, 3 ps aperture, 10 G sample/sec sampling rate, and 1.0 mm connectors.

Original Press Release:

Picosecond Pulse Labs is Excited to Announce Our New 4 Ps Edge Compressors and 100 Ghz Sampler Technology

Our two new product offerings are examples of our 20 year commitment to innovation, reliability and performance. These revolutionary offerings set new standards for high-speed metrology, UWB position sensing, gigabit UWB communications and
penetrating radar applications.

Edge Compressors
Using Non Linear Transmission Line (NLTL) technology, our new edge compressors transform an input signal by compressing the leading edge and reducing its risetime.

o Output rise times as short as 4 ps
o Edge compression to 70 ps
o Repetition rates > 20 GHZ
o Coaxial packaging
o Custom designs and bare die

o Comb generators
o UWB communications and position sensing
o Penetrating radar
o Ultra-fast metrology
o Mixer Local Oscillator (LO) drive

100 GHz Sampler
This new technology dramatically extends the limits of sampler
performance and is now available for the first time in component form.

o 100 GHz bandwidth
o 3 ps aperture
o 10 G sample/sec sampling rate
o 1.0 mmn connectors

o UWB correlating Receiver
o Millimeter-wave mixer
o Sampling phase detector
o Ultra-fast metrology

For additional information or a qucte on these new products, contact us today at: 303-209-8100 or via email at info@picosecond.com If you require technical specifications on these new products, please visit our website at www.picosecond.com

About Picosecond:
Picosecond is a leading designer and manuafacturer of components and test and measurement equipment for high-speed communication systems. For additional information, please visit www.picosecond.com or call 303.209.8100.

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