EDGE-C Composite Applicator Making Appearance at Wire Processing Expo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin May 14th/15th 2014

ETCO won over many converts with the EDGE-C Composite Applicator. This innovative new wire terminating applicator is exceeding expectations, is priced lower than competing applicators, has proven to be more durable than metal-based applicators, has a lower overall cost of ownership and has many features that metal-based applicators can't touch. We can go on and on if you let us, but that's because this applicator is really that good. It is literally the first of its kind.

Engineers & floor operators are praising the safety fact that after repeated usage it doesn't heat up nearly as much as older metal-based applicators. They're also saying that maintenance on the applicator is much less of an issue when compared to older metal-based applicators.

Now is your chance to experience the applicator that's been featured in Wiring Harness News, Assembly Magazine and Wire & Cable Technology International among many other publications. ETCO engineers will show off this new applicator at it's booth #1221 on May 14th and May 15th, 2014 at the Electrical Wire Processing Expo in Milwaukee.

We definitely hope to see you there. For more information on the Edge-C Applicator, visit: http://edge.etco.com

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Win a Pebble from ETCO*

ETCO is giving one lucky attendee a chance to win a Pebble Smartwatch, visit our booth #1221 at the Electrical Wire Processing Expo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 14th and May 15th to be entered for a chance to win.

A winner will be announced 30 days after the show ends.

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