Eddy Current Inspector offers reliable 24/7 operation.

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Vector 22 provides in-line and off-line operation in applications from manual inspection to integration in systems with robotic manipulation of product and probes. Suitable for rack- or bench-mounting, mains-operated unit can operate in dual-frequency mode through single input as well as drive 2 probes at 2 separate frequencies and in 2 different modes. Users can save up to 50 traces and 50 settings, and 6 analog outputs enable information download to data logger or PC.

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New Vector 22 Offers 24/7 Inspection Reliability

Huerth, Germany, June 2005 - Vector 22, the latest addition to GE Inspection Technologies' comprehensive and definitive range of eddy current inspection instrumentation, has been designed to offer extremely reliable operation both in-line and off-line, in industrial applications extending from simple manual inspection to integration in statistical process control systems featuring robotic manipulation of product and probes. In automated inspection situations, the instrument is easily set up and requires minimum operator input once it is configured, drastically reducing any possibility of human inspection error.

The new, mains-operated Vector 22, which is suitable for rack-mounting or bench-mounting in an optional external case, features a high sample frequency to allow inspection at very fast line speeds, while extremely wide in-built filter settings ensure the maintenance of excellent signal-to-noise ratio. Further advanced digital filters deal with long term effects such as temperature. The Vector 22 delivers extremely high levels of performance through enhanced peripherals and components such as high speed alarm logic components and internal AC or DC relays to operate external mechanical handling devices. Alarm output signals can be delayed from 100ms to 10 seconds to control down-line marking units or accept/reject gates, while separate alarms can be provided on separate channels.

Versatility and assured reliability are key features of the new Vector 22. It can be used for crack detection and hardness sorting on a wide variety of components, in sectors such as automotive component manufacture, and for defect detection on small diameter tube, bar and wire. As well as being able to operate in dual frequency mode through a single input, it can also drive two probes at two separate frequencies and in two different modes. For example, when driving two probes in absolute and reflection modes, it is possible to carry out simultaneous thickness measurement and crack detection. Probe balancing can be easily carried out remotely or from the front panel via a simple menu.

Inspection data is displayed on the Vector 22's ultra-bright, full VGA color monitor as a standard impedance plane or a timebase, both of which are in real time. There is the capacity to save up to 50 traces and 50 settings and six configurable analog outputs allow information to be downloaded to an external data logger or to a PC, via its A/D card or via GE's Supervisor PC software.

The Vector 22 continues the tradition of market-leading inspection products and systems offered by GE, all of which enjoy a deserved reputation for excellent in-service performance and are supported by GE's applications expertise and fast response service capabilities.

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