EDA Software facilitates RFIC simulation and analysis.

Press Release Summary:

GoldenGate v4.4 is RFIC simulation, verification, and analysis software with speed required for periodic steady state (harmonic balance) analysis. Along with single-sideband noise option, features include accelerated envelope wireless virtual test bench support, periodic steady-state based stability analysis, and yield contributor analysis. RF and package co-design verifies RFICs with package- and board-level RF passives.

Original Press Release:

Agilent Technologies' New GoldenGate Release 4.4 Accelerates Advanced Node CMOS RFIC Design

Release Verifies Designs in Half the Time; Improves Yield, Large Signal Stability

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced the release of its RFIC simulation, verification and analysis software -- GoldenGate version 4.4. This release extends Agilent's leadership in advanced node RFIC design with enhanced performance, new key stability and yield analyses, and RF extensions to mixed-signal simulation. In addition, the new release brings performance and flexibility updates to its unique wireless standards-based virtual test bench capability.

"Advanced node RFIC design makes you rethink what's important from a simulation point of view," said Paul Colestock, product planning and marketing manager with Agilent's EEsof EDA organization. "GoldenGate version 4.4 delivers improvements for just about every important aspect of RFIC design in advanced CMOS technology nodes."

Agilent's GoldenGate version 4.4 delivers the following updates to key RF design analyses:
  • performance enhancements for advanced node RFIC designs, including a 2x improvement in speed for periodic steady state (harmonic balance) analysis, a new single-sideband noise option, and fast envelope support for wireless virtual test benches;
  • periodic steady-state based stability analysis that finds instabilities under large signal conditions for oscillators and driven RF circuits, even with large extracted views; and
  • a fast yield contributor analysis that quickly determines circuit yield contributors at any stage of the RFIC design flow -- something not possible with traditional Monte Carlo methods -- allowing designers to gain insight, improve yield and save time by optimizing only what really matters.

    Improvements in wireless design verification include:
  • comprehensive wireless test bench flow that links system and RF simulation for verification of RFICs;
  • analog mixed-signal co-simulation with GoldenGate to accelerate RF-mixed-signal simulations with support for envelope transient analysis with Verilog-AMS;
  • RF and package co-design that verifies RFICs with package- and board-level RF passives using more than 150 new components in the Agilent Advanced Design System passive RF component library for GoldenGate; and
  • cost effective parallel licensing option for parallel sweep simulation tasks.

    About GoldenGate
    GoldenGate is the most trusted simulation, verification and analysis solution available for integrated RF circuit design within the Cadence Virtuoso design flow. Its unique simulation algorithms are optimized for the challenging demands of today's complex RF circuit design, enabling full characterization of complete transceivers prior to tape-out. GoldenGate is part of Agilent's RFIC simulation, analysis and verification solution that also includes Momentum for 3-D planar electromagnetic simulation, Ptolemy Wireless Test Benches for system level verification, and the Advanced Design System (ADS) Data Display for advanced data analysis. This suite links the RF system, subsystem, and component-level design and analysis as part of a unique and comprehensive RFIC design flow. GoldenGate is fully compatible with Cadence IC5 and IC6 platforms.

    U.S. Pricing and Availability
    The Agilent GoldenGate version 4.4 is available December 2009 and has a starting price of under $25,000.

    For more information about Agilent's new GoldenGate version 4.4, go to agilent.com/find/eesof-goldengate. To request a demo of GoldenGate version 4.4, visit agilent.com/find/eesof-goldengate-demo-pr.

    About Agilent EEsof EDA Software
    Agilent EEsof EDA is the technology leader and industry's leading supplier of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software for microwave, RF, high-frequency, high-speed, RF system, electronic system level (ESL), circuit, 3-D electromagnetic, physical design and device-modeling applications. Agilent EEsof EDA offers personal, value-priced products as well as enterprise-level solutions that save money, improve design flows and simplify EDA vendor relationships. Agilent EEsof EDA software is compatible with and is used to design the company's test and measurement equipment. Additional information about all Agilent EDA software offerings is available at agilent.com/find/eesof.

    About Agilent Technologies
    Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) is the world's premier measurement company and a technology leader in communications, electronics, life sciences and chemical analysis. The company's 17,000 employees serve customers in more than 110 countries. Agilent had net revenues of $4.5 billion in fiscal 2009. Information about Agilent is available on the Web at www.agilent.com.

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