Economical Benchtop Depaneling Router

Singulating low volume tab routed PCBs to strict military specifications requires the right tool for the job. Now, with the benchtop PCB depaneling router from FKN Systek, applications requiring routing rather than punching are easily taken care of. This machine is also useful as a backup to high-speed programmable routers for short runs, and for separating thick back planes which cannot be singulated by other means.

The FKN R100 Tabletop Depaneling Router is designed for manually separating PCB panels and producing uniform edges with quality comparable to in-line programmable router systems. Featuring a positioning collet with two fully adjustable guide pins on either side of the router bit, this depaneling router cleanly separates the boards along the routing channel path.

Accommodating virtually any size PCB, the FKN R100 Tabletop Depaneling Router has a guide pin positioning collet which lets an operator match the contour of the cutting path around a PCB panel. Standard features include an adjustable spindle speed up to 35,000 RPM, adjustable router bit height, choice of 5 standard bit sizes and built- in dust extraction channel.

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