Eco Building Products, Inc. Announces Patent Pending of the Company's Improved Wood Surface Film Concentrate(TM) Formulation

Eco’s New and Core Chemistry was filed with the USPTO on August 16, 2016

The Company requested non-publication of the application in accordance with its trade secrecy policies.

SAN DIEGO - Eco Building Products, Inc., (PINK:ECOB) announced today that it has filed its patent application, entitled “Formulation and Method for Preserving Wood,” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and has been accorded United States Patent Application No. 15/238,463.  The application not only encompasses the Company’s Wood Surface Film Concentrate™ (WSFC™) formulation, but also its derivative formulations including Eco SP™, Eco AFL™ and Eco FT™.  The Company requested non-publication of the application in accordance with its trade secrecy policies.

This formulation is the result of many years of research and testing – in the lab and more importantly in application.   Over the course of the last twelve months the Company focused on improving and expanding  its chemistry; enhancing and improving upon proven in-field performance to the point of being new and unique.

“WSFC™ forms the core of Eco’s wood preservation chemistry”, said CEO and Company President, Tom Comery.  “WSFC™ encases the treated material in a semi-permeable polymer barrier that allows the wood to breathe while locking in moldicides, termidicides and fungicides as well as inhibiting the emission of naturally occurring formaldehyde.  The formulation also proves that wood impregnation can be achieved through chemical diffusion rather than the mechanical, strength-degrading process of pressure treating.  The result is that preserved lumber can be just as strong as raw lumber.  This puts whole-house protection within reach of builders and homeowners”.

“Eco Red Shield was developed and refined over many years.  The product and process of treatment have undergone years of third party ASTM testing spanning from laboratory tests to fully functional in-field AWPA testing protocols.  Eco Red Shield has scored exceptionally well in all of these testing regimens proving that our technology is a viable process and ratifying the protections we have claimed.  We are confident that our definitive data will prevail in defining the art as unique and a definitive patent will be issued in the coming months”, stated Mark Vuozzo, Chief Technical Officer.

About Eco Building Products, Inc.

Eco Building Products, Inc. (Eco) is a manufacturer of proprietary, environmentally conscientious chemistry utilizing ECOB patent pending WoodSurfaceFilm™ and FRC™ technology.  Eco’s products protect against fire, mold/mycotoxins, fungal-decay, wood ingesting insects and termites.  Eco is headquartered in San Diego, CA and goes to market through licensed Affiliates nationwide.

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