EBECRYL® 8296 New UV Curable Resins Enabling Pleasant Tactile Sensations

Low-emission and energy efficiency for haptic coatings

Brussels - Cytec Industries Inc. (NYSE:CYT) is pleased to announce the launch of EBECRYL® 8296, a new UV curable resin that provides formulators with options to develop haptic finishes. The use of haptic coatings has seen increased adoption in multiple coating applications such as consumer goods, electronics and films. Cytec is leading innovative efforts to develop novel resin systems that meet increasing end-user demands for functional coatings that have targeted tactile properties.

EBECRYL® 8296 is a new Aliphatic Urethane Acrylate designed to provide soft feel properties for protective matte coatings on various plastic substrates. It is the first product on the market which is a 100% UV/EB curable resin for haptic coatings. The resin is suitable for diverse applications such as mobile phones, laptops, appliances, films for in-mold decoration etc.

According to Dr. Gaia Franzolin, Global Marketing Manager for Plastics and Films, "EBECRYL® 8296 has been specifically engineered to work with a broad range of additives to enable formulators to develop various tactile sensations. The resin has been designed to be flexible enough to allow fillers and beads to be microscopically deformed while fingers move over the coated surface and still maintain a sufficient surface resistance. EBECRYL® 8296 also contributes to satisfy other performance requirements such as adhesion on plastics, solvent resistance, low yellowing and durability."

"EBECRYL® 8296 performs not only in spray coatings for consumer electronics applications, but is also suitable for in-mold decoration applications where the formulated haptic coating is applied on a film that is subsequently molded and injected with a plastic" adds Dr. Gaia Franzolin.

In addition to esthetic qualities, UV cured formulations based on EBECRYL® 8296 present several advantages over conventional 2K PU haptic coatings, including fast cure (seconds) and lower energy consumption.

EBECRYL® 8296 is currently available in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. In the United States the resin can be sampled for experimental purpose. For more information about the product, visit www.cytec.com/UV/Plastic.php, send an email to custinfo@cytec.com or call Dr. Gaia Franzolin at: +32-2-5604553.

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