EBARA Introduces New Vacuum Gauges

Sacramento, California –  EBARA Technologies, Inc., a leading manufacturer in the semiconductor industry for dry pumps, vacuum components and services is proud to introduce the EBARA Vacuum Gauges (Model EG) to the North American market.

EBARA offers a wide series of compact vacuum gauges to meet all measurement needs. Gauges include Pirani, Pirani/Capacitance, Pirani/Ionization, and Pirani/Capacitance/Ionization covering pressures from Atmosphere to Ultra-High Vacuum.  EBARA provides a range of Power Supply Display Units to control all the gauges or can be powered by the user while utilizing the gauge output or the optional gauge mounted display. Gauges are available with either KF or CF flanges and optional process control setpoint outputs. Gauges can be used in applications including Load Locks, PVD Systems, Analytical Systems and many others.

To find out more about the new EBARA Vacuum Gauges (Model EG), visit the website or contact EBARA at (800) 535-5376 or info@ebaratech.com.

About EBARA Technologies, Inc.

EBARA Technologies, Inc. is a U.S. based subsidiary of EBARA Corporation, a Japanese company founded in 1912, which provides a wide range of technologies including equipment, systems and services for water, air and the environment. EBARA Technologies, Inc. is a leading global innovator and worldwide supplier of vacuum technologies and advanced wafer-processing equipment for clean environments within the semiconductor industry. EBARA manufactures a full line of Dry Mechanical Pumps, Mag-lev Turbo and Hybrid Turbomolecular Drag Pumps for the semiconductor industry's toughest applications, including LPCVD, etch, EPI and Ion Implant. The company's offerings also include a complete line of Vacuum Valves and Fittings, Heaters for vacuum and exhaust lines, Point-of-Use Abatement systems, Ozonized water and gas equipment. Our systems group manufactures Chemical Mechanical Polishers (CMP). EBARA Chemical Plating Systems (ECP), and Through-Mask Plating Systems (ThMP). EBARA maintains a superior sales and support network in the U.S. and worldwide. www.ebaratech.com

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