Easy to Integrate Marking Head

SIC Marking USA adds I-series marking heads to the dot peen marking line. The featured i52 unit was designed for high-performance and is extremely compact. It easily integrates into automated lines for mounting in whatever position is needed. It is suitable for marking parts of various shapes, surfaces and materials up to 62Hrc. The internal components are protected by a steel case and flexible bellows that allow continuous use in industrial environments.

With a 50mm x 20mm marking window the i52 dot peen marking head creates alpha/numeric text, logos and 2-D bar codes for product identification and complete traceability. The electromagnetic marking head does not require a separate pneumatic system. It requires minimal maintenance and no consumables. The quality and accuracy of the guidance, the wide tolerance between the stylus and the part, the speed and power of the integrated software make it a high-performance tool. The programming process and the disconnecting cable make it an easy-to-use product.

To discuss integrating the i52 dot peen marking system into your production line, contact SIC Marking USA at 877-742-9133 or info@sicmarkingusa.com. Visit www.sicmarking.com to see the full line of direct-part marking systems available from SIC Marking. Mark it today...Identify tomorrow.

Laurie Barcaskey, Sales & Marketing Manager

412-487-1165 / lbarcaskey@sicmarkingusa.com

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