Easy Pouring with New 5 L & 10 L Beakers

Pouring fluids from Bel-Art Products' NEW Scienceware® 5 L and 10 L Large Beakers and Pitchers is now easier and more accurate.

The NEW 5 L and 10 L Beakers (catalog numbers F26219-0005 and F26219-0010 respectively) now have raised numeric graduations for better viewing of volume and a hand grip at the base to provide greater control when pouring.

Bel-Art has also enhanced the Scienceware® 5 L and 10 L Graduated Polypropylene Pitchers (catalog numbers F28994-0000 and F28995-0000) with the same hand grip at the base and updated the design of the molded handle to provide a more secure grip.

For additional information, including distributors who carry the Scienceware® Large Volume Beakers and Pitchers, call 1-800-4BELART or visit www.belart.com, click on product search and enter keywords: Large Volume Beakers, Pitchers.

Client Contact:
Lenny M. Hernandez
Bel-Art Products, Inc.
Pequannock, NJ 07440-1992
800-423-5278 ext 4209
email: LHernandez@BelArt.com


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