Eagle Eye's IEEE/NERC All-in-One Battery Testing Solutions

Tests & Records Internal/Connection Resistance, Voltage, Temperature & Specific Gravity

Milwaukee, WI - (Battery Testing Solutions Company), Eagle Eye Power Solutions (EEPS) is offering complete IEEE/NERC portable battery testing ULTRA-KITS to include your choice of IBEX-Series Internal Olmic Battery Testers , your choice of SG-Series Digital Hydrometers and ULTRA+ software package to manage all data in one battery management system. Your IEEE/NERC ULTRA kit is available immediately and can be viewed on Eagle Eye Power Solution's website at eepowersolutions.com/products/all-in-one-solution/ or ordered by calling (414) 962 - EEPS (3377).

All-in-One Solutions

Eagle Eye's ULTRA kits are completely customizable and individualized to match your specific battery testing needs. Different applications, benefits, and price points make our kits personalized to fit your requirements and budget. EEPS ULTRA kits are tailored to your company, and come complete with the most comprehensive battery diagnostic software available in the industry today (EXMONS ULTRA+) which allows the user to trend their batteries, create battery reports, view graphs, export information to Excel and much more! Both units are CE-Compliant and meet all IEEE/NERC standards for battery testing.

The IBEX-Series is the only line of diagnostic battery testers available that can measure the accurate internal ohmic Resistance (R) or Conductance (Siemens), Strap Resistance, Jar Voltage (V), Jar Temperature (°C/°F), DC Current & Ripple Current (with IBEX-ULTRA) utilizing the world's first patented ripple-removing algorithm.

EEPS offers two cutting-edge digital hydrometers that have 99.999% accuracy rate and test temperature and specific gravity simultaneously allowing up to 10x faster readings. Our hydrometer line is the leader in numerous industries, and measures additional values including Density, Density @ reference temperature, Specific Gravity (SG), Alcohol % v/v, Alcohol % w/w, Alcohol US (°Proof), API Gravity, API SG, API Density, °Baumé, H 2SO 4 % w/w, H2SO 4 @ 20 °C, °Brix, and Extract (°Plato).

Eagle Eye Power Solutions works to ensure every employee and representative of our company is properly trained to understand our products and our core values. From the initial contact with the customer, through the education & sales process and continuing with post-sales support - we are there for our customers every step of the way! At EEPS we focus on building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships ("lifetime customers"). We always encourage customer feedback regarding ways that we can improve our products and support to better fit our customer's needs. For more information, you can contact Ryan Sberna at 414-962-3377 or ryans@eepowersolutions.com

EEPS is your #1 source for Resistance Testers, Digital Hydrometers, Battery Monitoring and Load Banks.

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