E4 Computer Engineering Announces Production Availability and Customer Shipment of ARKA Server Platforms with Cavium ThunderX(TM) ARMv8 Workload-Optimized Processors

AUSTIN, Texas - E4 Computer Engineering, a leading Italian manufacturer of hardware solutions for high performance and data center computing, today announced public availability and deployment of Cavium, Inc. (NASDAQ: CAVM) ThunderX-based ARKA servers. Customers can place orders today for one-socket and two-socket ARKA platforms in multiple chassis configurations based on Cavium ThunderX ARMv8 workload-optimized CPUs.

The ARKA family of servers is powered by 64-bit ThunderX ARMv8 processors, consists of one-socket and two-socket systems in single and multi-node chassis, and includes support for NVIDIA Tesla GPUs. For compute-intensive workloads E4 offers the ARKA RK204, with four two-socket server nodes in a 2U chassis. GPU capability for floating point-intensive workloads is available in the one socket RK004 system, and the two-socket RK201 system, both with option for integrated NVIDIA Tesla Accelerated Computing Platform.

E4 began delivering pre-production ARKA ThunderX-based servers to customers earlier this year for testing on HPC, cloud and big data workloads. The servers are now publicly available, and E4 customers are deploying them to increase their computing performance while reducing TCO, including Barcelona Super Computer, Centro Swizzero di Calcolo Scientifico (CSCS) and ETH Zurich.

"The focus in my group is on Energy-efficient computing systems and we have been following with interest the path of ARMv8-based solutions toward the green HPC market. Thanks to E4, we finally have the opportunity to access real-life machines. We are working now to deploy our advanced power and thermal management solutions on E4's ARKA servers, and we look forward squeezing the best FLOPS/W on this new wave of energy-efficient HPC systems." Luca Benini, Professor of Digital Circuits and Systems ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich)

E4 Computer Engineering specializes in the production and architectural integration of complete and customized solutions, for environments ranging from high performance computing to design of turn-key datacenters. E4 HPC customers include leaders such as BSC, CSCS, CERN and ENEA, where they have delivered solutions for workloads ranging from processing data from CERN's Large Hadron Collider to wave modeling in the Mediterranean Sea.

ThunderX SOCs are uniquely suited to drive performance for these systems, with 48 custom cores, high memory bandwidth and capacity, onboard workload accelerators and integrated network and storage capability. Focused on workloads such as high-energy physics and molecular dynamics, the ThunderX-based systems will leverage the high-performance, energy efficient Tesla GPU accelerators to deliver best-in-class performance with lower cost and power consumption than delivered by comparable systems.

"The vision behind developing our ThunderX-based server family is coming to fruition, as customers have found significant benefits in performance, flexibility and TCO for HPC and other workloads," said Piero Altoè, VP Research Innovation, E4 Computer Engineering. "The high-core count, high memory bandwidth ThunderX CPU design works well with the scalability of HPC workloads such as high performance data analytics, large graph analytics, and bioinformatics, and we have delivered a complete portfolio of systems to fit a range of critical applications. We are pleased to announce that all of these products are available for immediate order, and expect customer orders to continue accelerating."

"The ThunderX SoC with 48 custom ARMv8 cores, four DDR4 memory controllers, single and dual socket capability and integrated fabric delivers outstanding performance and TCO for HPC workloads," said Steve Cumings, Director, Market Development, Data Center Processor Group, Cavium. "The new E4 ARKA systems combine ThunderX with E4's excellent experience and expertise in delivering world class HPC platforms, and the demand for their systems is a testament to the positive results."

SuperComputing 2015: E4 and Cavium will demonstrate Arka servers and ThunderX CPUs at SC15, booth numbers 189 (E4) and 481 (Cavium).

About E4 Computer Engineering

Established in 2002, E4 Computer Engineering designs and manufactures high performance systems which aim to accomplish both industrial and scientific research requirements and to reach a variety of customers ranging from universities to computing centers. E4's focus is on HPC although our expertise extends to all segments of IT. Thanks to the established experience and the outstanding quality of our solutions, E4 Computer Engineering is acknowledged and appreciated as a valuable technology vendor by prestigious organizations like C.E.R.N.in Geneva. E4 designs each system individually to deliver highly personalized, cost effective and power saving solutions.


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