e-con Systems Announces Windows Embedded CE 6.0 BSP Support on Marvel/Intel Xscale PXA270 Based Platform 'Sirius'

e-con Systems announces the availability of Windows Embedded CE 6.0 BSP on Sirius reference platform. The Sirius platform features 3.5" LCD with touch screen and includes a range of I/O and expansion slot including CompactFlash® connectors and a SD/MMC connector that can be used to add WiFi Connectivity or additional memory, USB host (2) and client (1), 2 Serial Ports, 10/100 Ethernet, Blue tooth and Audio in/out. For storage the platform consists of 8 gigabit of NAND flash and provides file system support on the same on Windows CE. Added to this Sirius has an external camera module which has drivers for Windows CE 6.0.

Recently introduced enhanced version of Windows Embedded by Microsoft i.e. CE 6.0 kernel
architecture provides support for up to 32,000 processes - each with 2GB of virtual memory space along with support for larger file systems and better disk caching. Feature rich and integrated environment of Visual Studio 2005 allows both operating system and application development using C++, C# (.Net CF framework) and Visual Basic. In addition to all these, Windows CE 6.0 supports camera driver MDI interface with directshow. As a result there is no need of any special applications needed for capturing the stream and applications can directly use directshow API. This creates lots of flexibility like encoding the Video and streaming it through the network.

The company believes that with the availability of Windows® Embedded 6.0 BSP for Sirius,
customers shall be able to stay ahead by using latest technology in their products and design,"

About Sirius:

Sirius is a Reference Platform designed to cater various requirements such as navigation, audio and multimedia rich consumer electronics, industrial handheld devices for data logging, handheld cash transaction terminals, Video conferencing terminals, Video streaming nodes, Portable media players, surveillance terminals and information kiosks etc. This board is designed around Marvell (formerly Intel) Xscale PXA270 processor running at 520MHz and is powered by Linux and Windows CE

About e-con Systems:

e-con Systems, an Embedded Product Development Partner based in Chennai, founded in
October 2003, to provide World-class Design and Development services to its customers ranging from concept design and prototyping to pre-production and production. e-con offers turn-key solutions to in the Embedded Systems Domain such as Wired/Wireless Networking, Consumer Appliances, Medical and Process Control Applications, Video streaming, Bio-metric security and Surveillance Applications etc. Offering services as below:

Firmware design and development

WinCE/Windows Mobile, VxWorks and Linux, Board Support Packages

Device Drivers for Windows, Linux, Windows Embedded CE/Windows Mobile and VxWorks

DSP Firmware on TI/ADI DSP's

Hardware and PCB Design

Board Bring up, manufacturing support and Application development

In a unique proposition, to meet customer expectations of shorter development cycle, lesser time to market and reduced over all cost, e-con is also offering productized services in Windows CE, where in e-con ships in off-the-shelf product modules that can be readily used as add on modules on to the customer's hardware platform or can be integrated in to the Windows CE BSP

For more information please contact contactin@e-consystems.com or vsanghi@econsystems.

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